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WordPress is the most popular and common CMS. It provides ease of content management and is suitable for various web resources purposes. The development of a WordPress site begins with the choice of a suitable design and the site’s personalisation. Initially, the engine itself was planned exclusively for blogs, but today it allows you to launch projects of almost any complexity.

If you are interested in an original and efficient portal, then it is preferable to order its development in the web studio. We offer a full range of turnkey services, including work on individual design, content and promotion.

Availability and usability

CMS is installed in a couple of clicks on all hosting and therefore there will be no difficulties with its use. Many customers are interested in the cost of the site development on WordPress. If you use a standard template design, then its cost is significantly reduced. But you need to know that a unique design is a significant feature for a serious web project.

Dealing with the interface and navigation, our team uses additional helpful plugins for resources. The fact is that the standard functionality in this CMS is sufficiently limited. With the help of special extensions, you can solve a wide range of tasks: protect your service from spam, optimise it under search engines, add new modules and features to its interface, etc. The information about the cost of a required site is discussed individually.

The main advantage of the convenient content control through the panel is:

  • Texts, headers and tables editing;
  • Adding images, audio and videos;
  • Integration of additional elements;
  • Placing third-party applications and widgets.

Resource owners can make minor content changes without the developers’ help and HTML code knowledge. Ready-made pages can be saved as templates and used for new section creation. This increases the speed of editing materials and allows advanced users to seek fewer webmasters’ assistance.

Interface and Ergonomic Design

The effectiveness of any web service primarily depends on its visual component. You can take a suitable template as a basis by selecting it from a huge variety of standard options.

The platform allows you to make changes in the code, personalise the information and make the template perfect. Our specialists are professionals in this sphere, as they know how to make the most challenging customers’ ideas real.

For each web project, the colour scheme is being worked out, graphic elements are created and photos are carefully selected. We pay great importance to the quality of the content, on which the first impression of future visitors depends.

Websites Creation and Development on WordPress

Work is performed by a whole team of experts in their fields. The final web resource should be eye-catching, understandable and encouraging the visitors to the target action. That is why the page structure filling is carefully designed and the overall script of users’ behaviour is being studied.

Marketing principles of customers’ needs understanding are also taken into account, as well as the usage of sales funnels and forms for online communication with managers or consultants.

The final cost of creating the site will depend on its complexity, as well as the complex of ordered services. On the engine you can run online shopping, lending, blogs, promotional or informational portals, etc. It is best suited for the sale of a variety of goods and services.

Promotion and search engine optimization

The technical component of the service is practically impeccable and therefore websites on it occupy high positions in the search. However, it is important to understand the value of SEO-friendly template, its optimization and personal content. This applies to the selection of images and original text materials, design as a whole.

Create on WordPress to order from the web studio you can turnkey. We pay attention to all the details for obtaining a better result. We do not just have a beautiful picture and a pleasant interface, but useful and effective in attracting new clientele web resources.

As for the optimization for the search, there is also many useful plugins for it. For each project, we choose the optimal solution in promotion, it largely depends on its subject. At the total price of the development affects the complex of completed objectives for seed optimization.

The advantages and disadvantages of the CMS

The service can be called universal, reliable and simple. Its administrative panel is intuitive and gives a lot of opportunities in controlling content even without knowledge of the HTML language. Plugins and extensions allow you to constantly improve and upgrade the web resource. On the pages you can set useful forms to increase sales.

It will not be superfluous to mention that the launch on this engine will cost much cheaper than the individual implementation from scratch. For representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, such a solution is optimal in most cases. We offer a pleasant cost of developing a site on WordPress. The work takes into account the purpose of the future web resource and the specifics of the customer’s business.

Any system has console and vordpress no exception. For example, there is probability to stumble upon a poor-quality template with errors in the code. Its use will complicate optimization for search and work on the whole project as a whole. The cost of development will be higher if you contact the web studio, but the work of experienced specialists will exclude the likelihood of errors and miscalculations.

If you are still in doubt or need more information, then boldly contact us for detailed advice. We will gladly give answers to questions and offer for your business the best solution. We have a lot of experience and all tasks we come with sincere enthusiasm. All customers can count on technical support and subsequent maintenance.

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