Remarketing is a tool that allows you to return customers who had previously visited your site and were interested in the offer. It provides the highest conversion performance, because it works for the audience that is already interested in the product. You can order remarketing for a website used for vending various goods and services.

What tasks does remarketing perform?

Search for a product or service in a search engine

Introduction to your site’s offer

Comparison of prices and assortment available from competitors

Return to your site based on remarketing

A proper tool using strategy allows not only to return a visitor and motivate them to place an order but also to increase purchases from one client and sell related goods.

The technology allows to solve such problems as:

The return of the interested
visitors to the site

Сonversion of random site
guests into buyers

Reminder to the user about
their product of interest

Demonstration of related
products to the buyer

Informing about new
goods models and shares

Budget optimization and
increased brand recognition

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of the project implementation

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    How does remarketing technology work?

    The tool setup involves the code installation that will record visitors and track their actions. Special records, consisting of the site guests’ cookies, are created. The repeated advertising will be aimed at such guests. The The records are distributed to different segments:

    • 01

      Site users

    • 02

      Users who have performed a certain action (registration or adding goods to the basket without further purchase)

    • 03

      Users who have made the purchase

    For the latter, remarketing is configured in order to show related goods, new products or promotional offers. You can distribute users into groups by the terms of the latest visit and age.

    How is the cost for remarketing formed?

    The tool can be used to show advertising through:

    Search remarketing

    Ads, shown to those users who have previously visited your site, and now looking for similar goods.

    Context-medical network

    Advertising banners which remind of your product or brand on visited by the guests’ sites

    Social media.

    There is an opportunity to remind of your offer to those guests who use Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

    The remarketing price depends on the niche of advanced goods and the number of competitors. Our web studio offers a current market state analysis as well as the development of an individual conversion strategy. It includes works on audience segmentation and advertisement formation.

    Cooperation with our web studio will optimize and maximize the price of contextual advertising due to the competent setting of the cost of each click by our experienced specialists. This will reduce the remarketing budget and the risk of its misuse.

    Personal approach and turnkey setting

    The price will depend on the number of tasks necessary for the project implementation and the total amount of work. According to the results of the advertising campaign, you will get reports with all the figures received. We consider options for one-time and constant cooperation for conducting remarketing campaigns.

    You can find out more about the terms of cooperation and the advertising mechanism by leaving a request for a detailed personal consultation. Our experts will be happy to tell you more about remarketing and contextual advertising, answer your questions and accept an application for the website analysis.

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