Company’s website development

Development and creation of a corporate site is an important stage in business growth.
Private web resource can be an excellent tool for increasing profits.

Corporate site role in business growth

A corporate site is a platform where the information needed to be brought to potential or already existing customers as quickly as possible is placed by the company’s owner. Such web resource may contain:

  • Information about the company’s scope

  • Data on the services provided

  • Product catalogue

  • Company’s news and official documentation

A corporate web site is an effective marketing tool whose purpose is to extract maximum profit.
The platform allows you to advertise your services on the Internet, take catalogue orders, collect feedback, and inform customers about a campaign launch or other innovations through information distribution.

Corporate sites development stages

One of the leading directions of our work is to create a turnkey site. We work on a proven algorithm and provide customers with the opportunity to make adjustments to each of the steps.

  • 01

    Data collection

    You fill in a brief and give us all the information about the company necessary for the project launch. We analyse the target audience and study the work of competitors, paying special attention to their pros and cons

  • 02

    Developing a technical assignment

    We develop an action plan based on your goals and budget. At this stage, we also decide on the type of web resource

  • 03

    Creating a prototype

    We consider the future project structure, making it convenient and full-featured

  • 04

    Design development

    As graphic concept is important for brand recognition, we recommend developing your own corporate style and use it on your web resources.

  • 05


    We convert the pages to the HTML code. As a result, you get a cross-browser and adaptive site, displayed correctly in any screen resolution

  • 06

    Setting the content management system (CMS)

    We set up the necessary modules, change the code, and add interactive elements if necessary

  • 07

    Content filling

    We fill your corporate site with texts, descriptions, images, etc. You can provide ready-made content or entrust its creation to us

  • 08

    Project presentation and its launch

By ordering the development of a corporate site from us, you get a high-quality web resource adapted for views from mobile devices and having a high level of usability.

Corporate site main functionality

The corporate website will be useful to your company if you want to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones, analyse the services demand and bring the information to the audience as quickly as possible.

Corporate web resource advantages:

  • Relatively low advertising costs (compared with the advertising in printing or media);
  • Availability of information for the client at any time;
  • Ability to get in touch with clients quickly;
  • Time-saving when distributing information.

Here you can order a corporate site that will meet all current requirements.

VOLL provides the client with a turnkey site having a unique, developed for the individual needs of the company desing, a thoughtful structure and simple navigation filled with high-quality text content. The list of our services includes further website promotion as well.

Our specialists will take into account your wishes and launch your project in the shortest possible time.

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    Why should our company be trusted with your corporate website development?

    We provide high-quality site creation services and offer attractive prices as well as short terms for the execution of your order.
    Our team of professionals is ready to develop a corporate site from scratch, starting with the domain name registration and the choice of hosting and ending with the launch of the project, its advertising and SEO promotion. We offer services for sites promotion and their bringing to the top search results. Benefiting from our services, you get an optimized web resource, which will can become the face of your company and help in profits increase.
    You can find corporate sites examples that our studio specialists worked on in the Portfolio section. To find out the cost of a corporate website development or order any other service, contact us by contact numbers. Our employees will answer all your questions.

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