Setting up ads on YouTube

YouTube is the world’s most popular video platform. The site is visited daily by viewers of different ages and social groups. You can set up advertising on YouTube for any target audience and get a quick result. The cost of advertising on YouTube is quite loyal, due to the relatively low number of competitors using this service.

Why is the platform suitable for promotion?

The cost of advertising on YouTube can be formed both on the number of clicks and on the number of views. Advertising on the site is effective due to the fact that it attracts attention and is remembered well. Its showing can be customized to the place as well as people interested in the offer.

Key advantages of the platform:

Audience loyalty. Targeted advertising leaves a good impression due to its usefulness and unobtrusiveness.

Possibility of promoting automatically-played videos. Dynamic ads are often more effective

Clear analytics. YouTube Analytics allows you to get statistics for analytics and regular adjustments to your advertising campaign

Audience location. The platform is heavily dominated by entertainment content. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where people go for a specific purpose and aren’t normally distracted by advertising, the YouTube audience demonstrates much greater involvement.

What determines the cost of advertising on YouTube?

To understand the budget needed for an advertising campaign, it is important to determine its specific goals and publication formats.

The platform offers the creation of such ads:


They are displayed on the computer version on the right side of the screen. They may contain text, image, button for target action, etc. The price of such advertising on YouTube is calculated by the number of clicks on the ad.


These are transparent elements that are shown at the bottom of the player window while watching a video on a PC. It can be a text or an image with a product, visualization, slogan, etc. Overlays are clickable and paid for by the number of clicks.


These are promotional cues are related to the topic of the video. They are displayed on PCs and mobile devices. A teaser is shown for a few seconds, and then viewers can follow the link in the top corner of the window to see the hint in more detail.

Video ads They are shown on all devices and are divided into three groups:

  • After 5 seconds of video playback, the user can stop watching it. The prices for advertising on YouTube with the help of such ads are lower.

  • Without the possibility to skip. The user must watch such an advertisement till the end. It can appear at the beginning, middle, or end of the played video.

  • Splash ads. Have a duration limit of 6 seconds and are non-skippable. They are mainly used to form the image of a brand.

Why is strategy and customisation needed?

The cost for YouTube advertising is formed taking into account two main items:

Development of ideas and creation of advertising content

Launch, control, analytics and adjustment of the advertising content.

An individual strategy allows you to achieve high efficiency of the advertising content and optimise costs. Its formation will require an analysis of the promoted product, business niche and leading competitors. This data allows you to create a unique offer as well as understand the desires and problems of the audience.

Based on the information received, a portrait of the target audience is formed. These are its interests, age intervals, location and other criteria. It is according to the collected characteristics that the settings for advertising on YouTube are performed. The cost per ad click also depends on the audience chosen to present the product or service.

Due to the narrow focus on a specific target audience, contextual advertising for a Youtube site is effective at most. Thus, it allows you to get visible results in the form of sales growth in the shortest possible time after the launch of an advertising campaign. If properly configured, it can become a constant source of growth in the client base.

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