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Joomla is a universal and easy to use engine for sites. It is popular enough and suitable for web resources of different directions. The system provides a good functionality that can be further expanded with the help of different plugins.

Website development on Joomla is an excellent solution for those who want to get an easy-to-use web service with modern design. You can choose a suitable language for the administrative panel interface in order to work with content easily. On the platform you can run corporate sites, landing pages, business card sites, etc.

Layout and Customisation

The design of the web resource will depend on the chosen template. There are free and premium templates or you can develop an individual layout. If you have a serious project in plans, not a one-day site, then you will need to invest in an individual design.

The cost of design development for Joomla sites depends on the complexity. Sometimes it is reasonable to emphasise the corporate style with the help of a suitable colour scale and several graphic elements. Still, if you are planning to work seriously on the details of your brand recognition, tangible cash investments in the design will be required.


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Creating a Joomla site from a web studio is not just the launch of the engine, but the development of an ideal project from the beginning to the end. Our specialists look for the best fonts and page backgrounds, and select the most suitable colours and graphic elements.

Working with the template code requires appropriate skills and experience. So, creating a serious project is impossible without the help of a professional web master. First, we figure out the customer’s wishes concerning the layout, and then we find the best solutions for the implementation of his ideas in the interface.

Utility and security

You can make a site on Joomla for an acceptable price and in appropriate terms. The engine is good enough in technical terms for the requirements of search engines. On the final web resource, you can post content of any plan and in the required quantity.

The platform provides the possibility for users’ registration with the option to have different rights. It is suitable for online shops and other services aimed at keeping regular customers.

Users who can’t utilise the admin panel can make content changes with the help of the visual editor. No knowledge is needed neither in the development field nor in the administrating. Managing content is possible even without having minimal experience.

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Distinctive factors

The platform has some additional aspects that most free CMS don’t hold. For example, the accelerated page loads and debug mode, the ability to create private chats, etc. Additional modules and applications will make a web service more secure and user-friendly for visitors.

By installing expansion, you can get additional features:

Creation of reserve

Page SEO

Protection against hacking and

In case a site creation requires a more detailed templates’ elaboration, our programmers will prepare the appropriate scripts and applications.

It is important to know that the use of free access modules may be unsafe for the project, as well as the privacy of personal information. It is better to write a useful plugin for your own service from scratch. Our web studio team can cope with the task of any complexity.

Promotion on search engines

Like most free CMS software, there is a set of basic configurations. It is possible to enter such items in the system as the website name for browser tabs and search results, description and key phrases.

Website name
for browser tabs and
search results


Key phrases

Standard settings will be enough for indexation. However, it will be difficult to climb to the top of search results without comprehensive promotion from a web studio.

The cost of the site development on Joomla may include semantics collection and content optimisation.

In the case of an online shop with a lot of positions, processing and preparation of photos with goods will be required.

We do not just develop sites using ready-to-use blocks. Our Web Studio offers a full range of services and provides a ready-made result on a turn-key basis. We are proud of every web project developed by us. We have a great enthusiasm for our work and strive to make any project perfect.

What are the pros and cons of CMS?

Open source code provides system flexibility and multiple customisation opportunities. The service is updated all the time, and learning how to manage it can be done in a short time. Due to the set of basic functions, it can be used for web projects of different directions.

Individual design decisions give a possibility to create an unusual website that will look unique and stylish. In general, the engine works stably and does not pose challenges in everyday use.

The disadvantage of the system can be found in the specifics of work at the stage of the site’s startup. High priority should be paid to the selection of templates and extensions. A failed free addition choice can be reflected in the stability and safety of the entire web service. It can be avoided by ordering a range of services from an experienced webmaster team.

How to find out the cost of site development on Joomla?

Each customer has their own requirements for the functionality, interface, and design of project pages. For a landing page or business card, minimal effort with the code is enough. Much more emphasis should be given to the visual component.

Multi-page web resources, such as an online shop or a portal rich in a variety of content, will need considerable costs.

We will be happy to offer the best solution in creating a website that will present you online. Website development starts with good preparation. First, we figure out the client’s niche, analyse the product/service and business specifics, and carry out the analysis of competitors.
Contact us right now to discuss all the wishes and requirements for the future web resource. Our specialists will be pleased to provide you with further information on any issue.

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    Do you already have a web resource on this CMS?

    Joomla is one of the most common and popular web platforms. Due to the fact that the service is free, it is often used to create test projects that gradually develop into serious resources. When a site is already promoted and is in great demand, its owners start to think seriously about its modernisation and proper design.

    Some web resources become too outdated after a while. The designs are too irritant to the eyes. In addition, their functionality does not meet modern requirements. We can update an already existing website while retaining the convenience of its management.

    Site refining on Joomla is a requested service that allows you to solve almost any problems:

    Design study

    Technical errors


    Content filling


    New blocks

    How does the refinement of sites on Joomla go?

    A client describes arising errors, difficulties in a web resource’s functioning, and drawbacks in its visual part.

    Our experts analyse the problems and offer effective ways to their solution.

    Our team has tremendous experience in working with this CMS. We know how to fix the results of the shortcomings made at a site startup. Our specialists are familiar with what can reflect the conversion negatively. Analysis of content, the quality of which affects promotion, is of vital importance.

    The refinement of the Joomla site is a service that allows you to make your resource not only much more attractive but also profitable and secure for business. The terms and rates for such services are estimated individually.

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