An online clothing shop

Clothing, along with modern technological devices, is one of the most popular products in the Internet space nowadays. It isn’t just enough to have an ordinary catalog with goods to interest the buyer today. An online clothing shop development is a set of works aimed at creating a large resource with improved capabilities of searching and sorting goods.

What influences the effectiveness of such a web resource?

Our team is interested in the success of each project we take up. We carry out an individual approach and search for optimal solutions for each client. We have figured out a number of factors affecting the quality and efficiency of an online shop:

  • Design The page design is what makes the first impression on customers. We carry out template customization, as well as graphic elements drawing and logo creation.

  • Convenient navigation The site should have opportunities for searching via certain filters (color, size, style). The buttons for placing orders and getting a consultation should be in sight. We can also add blocks with reviews and associated clothes.

  • Advertising slogans and detailed information about the proposal Each product must be supported with characteristics and descriptions. Photos and thematic content contribute to the sales growth and even an increase in the average check. Our online shops present and sell the goods successfully.

  • Stability of work We approach the choice of engines responsibly and guarantee the use of reliable hosting. Our team is ready to solve any technical problems within a short time.

  • Modules and applications for communication with clients A potential buyer should be able to get answers to clarifying questions on the assortment and/or shopping conditions quickly.

  • Optimization and promotion Our websites meet the requirements of search engines and take good positions as a result of the distribution in search systems on concrete keywords. We set up contextual advertising for the individual characteristics of the product (for customers of a certain gender, age, etc.).

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    What are the stages of an online clothing shop development?

    Our team studies the client’s offer in detail, the niche of their business and the competitors’ market. To get more buyers, it is important to represent the shop properly. The approach to a website promotion on the network largely depends on the initial factors.

    After that, a suitable platform for the project is selected.

    Most often it is OpenCart, which provides wide functionality and work stability.

    We prepare special modules and the required applications for the competent implementation of all technical solutions.

    The selling page design is of great importance.

    An eye-catching color scheme plays an important role in creating a site for both children’s and adults’ clothes. We have extensive experience in the implementation of such web projects, and we know how to draw up the selling site pages.

    After termination of the work and successful web service testing, the SEO-promotion stage is started off. They include the preparation of unique content for pages, as well as writing thematic materials.

    Contextual advertising can be easily set up for the selected audience, having age or other restrictions. You can advertise the entire website or its separate pages in a certain season. For example, you can put priority in the wintertime for pages with women’s winter shoes, and pages with T-shirts are more intensively advertised in the summer.

    How to find out the cost of a finished project?

    Creating an online clothing shop website is carried out for the personal requirements of each client. The total cost depends on the set of functions, project scale and the number of commodity positions as well as work performed on the content preparation. You can find out the preliminary price by contacting us to receive a personal consultation on the services.

    Payment for the site design, its content and technical solutions is a good investment in its future. If you need a long-term, high-quality and effective web project with an intuitive interface, it is better to build a good foundation for it right away. An individual approach and planned SEO process will allow you to save on a web resource advertisement in the future.

    We believe preference should be given not to one-day site creation, but to the development of a business tool that can steadily bring new customers. Our sites present the goods efficiently, attract visitors and convert them to customers. We can offer integration with 1C and installation of other useful applications for the convenience of accounting and working with customers.

    Make the decision to bring your store online wisely, optimizing and simplifying important business processes.

    Our team is ready to create a web resource that will form a good image for your brand.

    Selling clothes on the Internet is simple and profitable. We will be happy to prepare a platform that meets all your requirements!

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