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The first thing most visitors of your site pay attention to is its design!
The image shows the process of developing a website design in the VOLL web studio

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    It is the design of the site
    that is the hallmark of each web project, and only then the attention is paid to the content.
    In other words, the design of a web page creates the first impression of the resource and the company it represents. A high-quality design of your Internet resource will advantageously present your business in the global network.

    When is a new site design needed?

    Consider changing your current site design in case you want to make it unique. That means your site:
    Can be made noticeably different from competitors’ sites
    Can acquire its own corporate identity
    Can become exclusive and user-friendly
    Also, if you need
    Change line of business
    Revamp an outdated design
    Increase website conversion
    Sell a product or service
    Adapt an existing site for different devices
    Fix another company’s bad decision
    On the image of the recommendation - what should be the design of the site
    To make a new site design, it is best to address professional web designers.
    Together with layout designers and marketers, they will arrange the content blocks in a convenient for users way, create a company logo, choose the right colors, fonts, and create animation if necessary.
    Each Internet resource that sells goods or services should
    attract customers’ attention
    It’s possible by presenting the information in such a way so that to direct potential consumers to perform the actions you need, like buying the produce or service.
    It is vital to work on updating and developing irrelevant or outdated sites.

    Moreover, if you notice a drop in conversion, you should not rush to draw conclusions about the activities of competitors in the direction of your site. To start with, evaluate the web design of the site and answer the question: “Are your main advantages and commercial offer highlighted in the content of the web pages? If so, are they highlighted properly?


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    Modern website design development, which has already been online for some time, will also be needed if the information is not displayed correctly in the browser at different monitor screen resolutions or on mobile devices.
    It happens that a web page takes too long to be loaded because it is overwhelmed with various not very necessary graphic elements.
    As users do not like to wait for a long time, they may eventually go to competitors.
    Depicting the advantages of professional design over competitors
    A high-quality web site design will be useful in order to stand out against competitors’ resources.
    It is your company that should be noticed first, and then remembered by customers. Therefore, if your competitors’ site appeals to you more than your own (either because of its progressive ideas or any other reason that makes you linger on it for several minutes) you should work on solving such a problem as the unique design of your site.
    Due to the development of the business, many companies expand the scope of their activities by offering new products, goods or services to the customers.
    Such information should also be displayed in the graphic design of the site. In this case, an individual website design is not only useful, but also necessary for the successful promotion of new products and services.
    The image shows the benefits of an individual website design with innovative functionality.
    Currently, most Internet users access websites using mobile devices rather than desktop PCs or laptops.
    In this case, you need separate adaptive design or a high-quality design of the mobile version of your site. This is vital in order to reach the target audience that uses different devices to surf the Internet.
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      The message on the image is how important it is to have a design of an adaptive (mobile) version of the site
      It vital to know, that redesigning of your site may cause changes not only in the graphic design of web pages, but also in the very structure of the site.
      The image shows an example of how a redesign can affect the structure of a site.
      The cost of website design our company offers is quite loyal to the consumer. At the same time, we provide a high quality of work. Anyone who wants to can see this for themselves.

      We provide the following services:

      Modern website design development is carried out in our web studio for different CMS. For example, for such popular ones as Opencart, WordPress or Bitrix. Contact us at any convenient time and implement your business ideas with us.
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        Website design development:
        what is included and how long it takes?

        We create adaptive website design of any
        direction, professionally and quickly.

        First of all, we study the activities of the company and our customers’ business strategy in order to create a unique design that will satisfy all clients’ needs, attract the potential consumers’ attention and increase conversion.
        Related image: How much time and resources does it take to create a website design
        Important! The price of website design depends on the amount of work to be done.
        This issue is resolved on an individual basis, depending on the customers’ specific requirements and wishes.
        After creating the overall picture and the design concept, we demonstrate the work done to the customer.
        Further, based on the initially created design layout, web developers and graphic designers create all the necessary graphic elements for web pages, work with html and css layout, as well as software scripts.
        The image shows an example of the created design for the site from the web studio VOLL
        Prices for website design are considered on an individual basis - it depends on the wishes of the client and the complexity of the work.
        Optimal prices for website design and a high level of professionalism of the company’s employees are the key to successful cooperation. This is enough to create unique, exclusive web projects in accordance with the rapid development of information technology. The amount of time spent on a particular project mainly depends on its complexity. This issue is resolved with the customer on an individual basis.

        Website design

        A web page layout is a kind of template that shows how and in what order graphic elements and content blocks are placed.
        To streamline the graphics, create specific content blocks, design the menu, etc., a website layout is needed. This issue is dealt with by qualified and experienced layout designers, as well as web programmers. The process itself resembles the assembly of a designer from individual parts.
        Website design layout requires special attention and specialist skills
        An example of a website design project on the desktop version developed by the VOLL web studio

        Desktop site design

        In the course of working on an adaptive design template, special styles of cascading tables (css) are used. They help to maintain an ordered structure of the web page content at different resolutions of the computer monitor. The desktop design allows the web server to display all the contents of web pages correctly on any computer or laptop.

        Mobile design

        Resolution on mobile devices is much lower than on desktop PC monitors. Therefore, a separate site design for the mobile version should be created. This allows the users to see all the web page contents correctly on smartphone or tablet displays.
        As a rule, the mobile version of the site is a simplified copy of the desktop version, it is easily loaded by the browser and does not require much space. It will be convenient for users to browse the site on their mobile devices.
        An example of a website design project on a mobile (adaptive) version developed by the VOLL web studio
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