Information site development

The development of an information site is the preparation of a convenient platform for publishing large amounts of data. The web resource must be comfortable for readers and journalists, work stably and have aesthetic form.

An information site is an excellent solution for the media, bloggers, bulletin boards and manuals. Such resources are often created for large enterprises that need to share their news regularly.

Their distinctive feature is the complexity of the structure and the need to accumulate large amounts of information, which should be updated periodically. Therefore, it is better to entrust the creation of such websites to the experienced team of professionals.

We are working on projects of any complexity: from small corporate sites to urban portals and online encyclopedias. The cost of work will depend on the complexity of a web portal and its functional.

Information site development

The structure of a portal depends on its subject and the goal pursued by the customer. It can be focused on the news feed, services, or data library. The engine for each web project is selected individually, and complemented by the necessary modules and plugins.

We use not only standard extensions, but also develop appropriate for customers’ needs applications. Cooperating with us, a customer receives a unique fitting their requirements project. In order for the resource to be solid and recognisable, a good design is also developed.

Visual design

What are the distinctive features of every web portal any famous media has? They are its colour gamma, recognisable logo, block location scheme, and other graphic elements. Our designers are ready to offer:

Logo development

The choice of backgrounds
and fonts


The information site development cost depends on the set of ordered services. By investing money in your online resource quality, you invest in its future efficiency and attractiveness for the target audience.

Each carefully drawn detail, useful website functions, and conveniently read texts are always appreciated by the visitors! Readers’ loyalty must be conquered from the very beginning, so we work on projects makinge every effort. Starting from the planning stage, all the details are thought out.

Web Resource Promotion and SEO

Creating a high quality information site is only half of the case. A well-designed promotion plan is essential for attracting permanent readers to a web resource. This also refers to external advertising, and work on the internal content, which must be optimized for the search.

While being engaged in the information sites’ integrated promotion, we offer an optimal approach for each project. Moreover, we work on the modification of resources for users’ needs. For example, useful services on pages, blocks with commentaries and the possibility of registration helps to hold visitors.

Comfortable CMS will allow you to load new content quickly. For novice users, we can make a website on a platform with the most comfortable administrative panel. We will be happy to provide you with advice on working with textual and graphic content, as well as its optimization.

How to find out the preliminary cost of the information site?

Fill in a special form below, and our manager will contact you for prior consultation. It will allow you to learn a lot of useful information about the services, types of projects and rates.

Creating your dream web project is really quite simple. Our web studio has experts in each development area. We carry out turnkey work, and then provide the maintenance of each resource. If you have problems, you can always contact us.

If you have something to surprise the reader and to publish work you need a good platform, entail its development to us. We understand tour clients’ wishes and always find the best solutions for their implementation.

We are working on websites adapted for all devices. They will be conveniently read from phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Stability in the work and ease of use is the guarantee of the popularity of the web project.

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