Site engine optimization

Site engine optimization (SEO) is a work package aimed at improving site’s positions in search results. The higher the pages of a website are in the SERP, the more visitors they attract by key queries. The goal of optimization is to turn a website into a powerful marketing tool that constantly provides its owner with new customers.

Why complex search engine optimization is so important?

Why optimization is so important??

The share of e-commerce in total global sales continues to grow annually. Studying in detail the range and specifics of the offer, it is easier for customers to choose goods and services on the Internet.
In addition, order delivery is now available in the shortest possible time.

When users search for a desired product in search engines, they rarely go beyond the first page. Most of the traffic is received by sites that take up the first three positions in the overall issue. Website optimization is a measure to eliminate internal errors and a planned increase in positions

The higher your site takes up in Google, the more potential customers will be able to find you in the search insividually!

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    Where does basic
    optimization begin?

    First of all, it is necessary to analyse the current state of the resource, as well as its visibility for high-frequency and low-frequency requests. After that, an analysis of the leading competitors’ sites in the market is conducted. Their structure and important technical features are evaluated accurately and in detail

    Search engine optimization is a service that is not performed once. It is necessary to maintain positions on key queries on a regular basis, as much as competitors do the same in order not to give taken with difficulty and financial costs positions away to anyone.

    At the start of work, specific requests, for which landing pages of the site are created and optimized, are noted.
    The primary semantic core allows you to do the following correctly:


    • 01

      Form the structure of the future web resource

    • 02

      Develop templates and setup appropriate meta tags

    • 03

      Provide optimized text content

    • 04

      Create effective linking

    • 05

      Perform correct external optimization;

    • 06

      Analyse positions.

    The volume of the semantic core depends on the subject and type of a website. Thus, for a business card, it can comprise hundreds of words, and for an online store, hundreds of thousands. For each project, an individual approach is important.

    What does complex website optimization
    consist of?

    For web resources with a great deal of content, it is very important to form a broad structure. Search queries are divided into groups with an optimized separate landing page for each. For example, category pages are created for high-frequency, and filter pages for low-frequency requests. Website optimization for search queries can be performed both at the initial stage and regularly to improve positions.

    High-quality site optimization

    should include relinking. It is important for search robots, on which indexing depends. Another important factor is the usability of the web resource. Google algorithms take into account the behavior of users on sites, and this factor affects their issuance.

    Internal site optimization

    is aimed at internal errors correction (that affect positions) as well as at optimisation of filters and other elements. In order for the resource to work stably, page loading speed and server performance are optimalised. An XML map is created for the resource and duplicate pages are removed. Not only the code is optimised, but also the internal content: text, headings and photos are formatted.

    Optimisation of site behavioral factors is work that includes the following goals:

    • Reducing the bounce rate

    • Increasing the time the user stays on the page

    • Reducing the return rate in search results

    Adapting resources to mobile device screens as well as simplifying navigation and the interface as a whole also play a huge role. The easier it is to find the information on your site, the higher is the chance of a conversion.

    How does the complex external optimization and sites promotion in
    search engines go?

    When a website develops in a highly competitive niche, it can benefit greatly from building quality external links. The more reputable web resources will link to you, the more authoritative your website will become for search engines.

    We take a responsible approach as for the choice of donors and offer to buy links only on trusted sites.

    SEO promotion and promotion of a large resource is a long process. SEO specialists analyse the results of the work done, compare indicators and evaluate improvements. The structure is often edited, and changes to the text content, meta tags and program code are made.

    SEO services may include work to increase conversion:

    Refinement of online forms for communication and orderings

    Editing the structure and content

    Digitalisation of web pages and individual elements

    Formation of sales funnels, offers and slogans

    Proper integrated promotion is a regular work

    From time to time, search engines update their work algorithms, and niche competitors are also not willing to lose ground. The initial SEO promotion strategy can change and adapt to the current market realities. For online stores and large information portals, complex work must be constantly carried out in order the growth to remain dynamic.

    What determines the cost of SEO?

    Our web studio deals with the promotion of young sites from scratch as well as promotion of resources with an existing name. Prices for services for each client are counted individually, depending on the complexity and scope of work. Sometimes it is enough to correct a few technical errors on a web resource, and sometimes a site requires high-quality external and internal refinement.

    We understand well how search engines work and what requirements they have for modern web resources. We are approached by companies operating in a variety of niches and directions. Depending on the purpose of the website and its features, we are ready to offer a range of SEO services for a reasonable price.

    You can order website optimisation in a search engine by receiving a preliminary audit from our web studio on all its problems and weaknesses. We provide turnkey services, performing a full range of internal and external works. We can order not only optimisation, but also a complete modernisation of a site so that it performs its function in the best possible way.

    Would you like more information?

    Do you have any questions about services and opportunities in the modernisation of the web resource? We will be happy to provide advice and conduct an individual audit of the site. Our staff will identify problems in its technical work and point out the factors that prevent a good conversion. For a set of proposed works, you can immediately find out the preliminary cost and agree on an optimisation plan. When a website doesn’t perform well, your company regularly loses customers. With an optimised resource, you can get the most out of your online presence!

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