Advertising setting on Instagram

Instagram is a social network with an active and involved audience. The indicators of conversion, likes and views here are significantly superior to the same numbers for analogues. Due to the popularity and widespread prevalence of this platform, you can find the target audience on any product here. The price of advertising on Instagram depends on the specifics of the promoted offer.

Why is Instagram promotion so effective?

Social networks are an ideal place for finding potential customers and stimulating the growth of brand recognition. People leave a lot of useful for targeting information on Instagram.

For advertising on Instagram, you can choose a suitable audience by gender, age, and interests. The platform is well suited for those services and goods, the decision to order which is made quickly:

You can order advertising on Instagram for informing about events and sales in shops. The site provides excellent conditions for communication with the target audience and obtaining feedback about the service.


Food delivery






Car services


What forms the cost of Instagram advertising?

In order for the promotion to bring the required result, it is not enough to open a business account on Instagram and turn on the selling post advertisement. A comprehensive approach helps to convert users into customers. It includes:

  • 01

    Studying a promoted product and a business niche

  • 02

    Research of popular competitors’ accounts

  • 03

    Formation of a potential client’s portrait

  • 04

    A clear setting of the target and expected results

  • 05

    Setting of individual content strategy

  • 06

    Development of the unique Tone of Voice (brand voice)

  • 07

    Writing texts and slogans of various formats

  • 08

    Work on images (development of a single style)

  • 09

    Setting and control of targeted advertising

The effectiveness of advertising is influenced by its visual perception. Instagram offers excellent opportunities for creating attractive publications. The cost of advertising on Instagram may include the preparation of bright photos and images that will present a product from the best side.

Competitors’ analysis in the market is necessary in order to make your account unlike the rest. Our experts can choose the proper color scheme, photo processing style and fonts for inscriptions for your profile.

On Instagram, in order to promote your product effectively, it is necessary to order targeted advertising, precisely aimed at a specific target audience. This implies a detailed study of the target audience’s behavioral reactions, preferences, and values. It also includes the ability to generate a message in the post which is guaranteed to find a response.

What ad format can be placed?

Static image or gallery. The publication consists of an image and description, and a button calling for targeted action. Clicking the button, allows the client to get to a website, an Instagram account or a mobile application. If the Gallery format is selected, you can add up to 10 images.

Such a format is ideal for online digital technology or clothing shops, fast food delivery, etc.

The stories option allows adding temporary photos or videos in a slide show format. Users will see such advertising publications among the posts of the accounts that they are following.

Such an advertisement fills the entire screen of the device and therefore attracts the audience’s attention.

Promotion with payment for leads is a publication of posts with a pop-up window that allows you to fill in the checkout form.

The announcement allows you to receive completed applications with the contacts of interested customers. Integration with CRM is also available.

Why trusting us to order your campaign settings will be convenient and profitable?

We offer transparent prices for Instagram advertising and provide a full range of services. We lead each campaign from beginning to end, being engaged in the development of strategy and the preparation of each individual post.

Evaluating the prices for Instagram advertising, we are held accountable for the result! Our experts coordinate the tasks and goals, and the results obtained are always clearly measurable (in terms of leads, likes, views).

Our experts are always in touch. The price of Instagram advertising includes personal customer advice. If necessary, the client may request a campaign adjustment or work report at any time.

We value customers’ trust and social network rules. So, we use official, legal and safe methods of promotion. Our team performs the agreed tasks at the negotiated price and exactly in the deadlines!

Our experts deal with their work creatively and with style!

Do you want to find out the price for Instagram advertising?

The most effective way to get the target audience for the product is a properly targeted Instagram advertising. The campaign price will certainly be paid off by the benefit from outcomes’ optimization.

The price of Instagram advertising depends on the price of each individual task for setting up the campaign. We offer to buy a full turnkey package, the cost of which is estimated after studying the client’s product. Our web studio is open for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Tracking results and adjustment

Our experts constantly monitor the statistics of the posts viewed and use professional tools for analysis. It is important for us that the client’s advertising campaign brings the maximum result. We follow all the trends and innovations in the field of targeted advertising.

We do not use template approaches to tasks and look for the most effective promotion method for each of our clients. You can see the first results of advertising already on the first day after its launch. We are working on promoting products and brands of different spheres.

If you need effective Instagram advertising at a price from a web studio, leave a request for a consultation through a special form on the site. Our specialist will contact you, answer your questions and discuss the required project.

Our web studio is ready to demonstrate how well advertising can work on Instagram! The price of the service is profitable, and you can order the launch of the campaign for the near future!

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