Semantic core of the site

The semantic core – is a structured list of keywords and all related search queries. With their help, the Internet users are looking for the necessary information, services and goods. Ordering a semantic core means getting a catalog structure that will allow you to cover the target audience to the full extent and not lose potential visitors.

Why is the correct collection of the semantic core so important?

Semantics is the framework on the basis of which the future SEO promotion strategy is developed. Without it, the creation of a single website is not possible. Semantics is used for internal optimisation, subsequent link building, and flexible contextual advertising (AdWords).

The obtained data can be used to design the structure of the website, as well as to form the blocks and applications correctly. By keywords, you can write news and thematic materials.

Developing a semantic core is a labor-intensive and very challenging process. The success in occupying high positions in search results depends on it. The selection and development of keywords allow you to identify the interest of the target audience accurately. Keys for the core are divided into three groups


Commercial: these are keys that contain words indicating the user’s intention to place an order. For example, “buy”, “price”, “cost”, “order”. This group also includes phrases that feature the name of a particular city or region.


Informational queries are requests that indicate a user’s desire to learn more about a particular product. For example, “review”, “characteristics”, “why”.


Brand phrases are phrases that include the name of a brand or company. For example, “buy an iPhone 11 Pro”, “order a drill on AliExpress”.

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    What are the stages in the development of semantics?

    Before you start developing the project structure, you need to familiarise yourself with the business niche and the offer of competitors thoroughly. A SEO specialist studies the assortment of an online store and its characteristic features. On the basis of received semantic data, you can proceed to the structure development using programs that perform an automated search of related keys. Online services (for example, WordStat) are also used to assemble and develop the list. You can immediately create a list of stopwords not needed on the resource.

    Then, the semantic core of the online store is formed by groups and is manually cleared from not related to the business keys. The primary version of the core can be shown for the customer’s approval and recommendations. After that, the final revision of the core is performed.

    What determines the cost of collecting the semantic core?

    The final price will depend on the scale of the site and the niche of the business. For example, for a landing page, you need a minimum of keywords. Whereas, for an online store, you need to prepare keys for each of the categories. Phrases can be distributed for landing and information pages, as well as descriptions of goods and services.

    You can choose phrases and create a project structure for a site of any direction. We can collect keys purposefully for setting up advertising in Google, and attracting the target audience to information or news portals. We have an individual approach for each web resource.

    Ordering the collection of the semantic core will be more profitable in combination with other services from the web studio. According to the received data, a full-fledged promotion strategy in Google and/or other search engines can be drawn up.

    What result will you get?

    Services for developing a semantic core help not only in SEO promotion. Knowing what customers are specifically interested in, you can develop a comfortable and friendly interface. The information will allow you to think over the site navigation, content distribution and sales funnels.

    Web resource development strategy

    Having a database of side queries, you can open new niches and create appropriate additional offers on the site. The information can help you understand the demand of your target audience and find new ways to drive traffic. Having the semantic data, you can clearly lay out the site development plan.

    Full coverage of the target audience will allow you to achieve a significant increase in the web resource traffic. By the way, you can order contextual advertising settings and query-optimised texts directly from our web studio. We provide a full range of turnkey SEO services.

    If you have questions about the service or need additional information, you can leave a request for a consultation using a convenient form on the website. We will be happy to discuss all the details of cooperation.

    A well-composed semantic core is the foundation for the creation and successful development of a website!

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