Conducting contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a marketing tool that allows you to attract the target audience by its search queries. Ads of this type are displayed among search results and on web resources. Such ads look appropriate and eye-catching. What is more, only actual clicks are paid.

Contextual advertising includes a whole range of services including:

Product and business niche analysis

Market and competitor analysis

Planning and collection of semantics

Landing page preparation

Personal strategy development

Drawing up an advertising offer

Launch and control of an advertising campaign.

Why do you need contextual advertising services?

Search engines today are overloaded with offers of goods and services. Most users open only the first two or three pages when deciding on a product or service. Contextual ads in the search results are shown first thus attracting attention.

Maintaining contextual advertising Google Adwords allows you to offer a product or service directly to the interested audience. You can draw up a portrait of a potential client by indicating his gender, age and interests. Flexible configuration by geographic location is also possible.

Contextual advertising is a good opportunity to attract targeted traffic and convert it into customers successfully. In fact, the service implies a payment to the search engine for the first places in the issue.

What types of campaigns can be run on Google AdWords?

Search and thematic

The text of the ad completely or partially matches the entered query, having a note “Advertising” next to it. In fact, it is a text post with a link to a website. Ad blocks are placed in the first search positions, increasing the possibility of clicking on links. Ads may be displayed when visiting websites. Its subject is within the scope of the user’s interests, but it may not exactly match the request. The advantage of thematic advertising is the possibility of reaching a large audience.

Dynamic and static

The dynamic option assumes that the ad block does not have a fixed place. So every time you enter the site or search engine, the ads change. Static contextual advertising is fixed on the selected position.

Contextual display

Blocks with graphic elements are more expensive, but they attract more attention. The company logo can be placed on the banner, which will further promote brand recognition. To increase the effectiveness of such advertising, various segmentation filters are used (for example, search remarketing and socio-demographic targeting). Block placement is possible on partner sites that support the use of AdSense. These are both static and dynamic images (animation).

Running an advertising campaign is a challenging process that requires experience and details attention. Setup attempts without the necessary knowledge and skills can lead to low efficiency and waste of budget. The right decision would be to order the development and maintenance of advertising from professionals who can guarantee results.

What are the advantages of setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for product presentation?

  • Quick start After creating a campaign and topping up the balance on the service, you can immediately turn on ads for the target audience. At any time, ads can be edited and paused.

    Fine personalization Your ad delivery can be fine-tuned for a specific target audience. Ads are shown to users who are in one way or another interested in your offer.

    Increasing brand awareness Running an advertising campaign allows not only to open a new sales channel, but also to become closer to customers. Regular ads display causes the product to be associated with its seller.

You set your own budget and cost per click. The cost of ad clicking will depend on the specifics of the product and the level of competition. It is possible to manage bids to increase ad positions.

Why is it important not only to launch, but to run a campaign regularly?

The main objective of such advertising is to attract as many potential customers to the site as possible. In order to understand the type of audience coming from advertising, it is important to track search queries and constantly refill “negative keywords” with non-targeted keywords. Immediately after the launch of advertising, it is important to control traffic regularly: at first every day, and then once a month.

For contextual advertising, the price depends on clicks or conversions. It is important to evaluate the number of clicks/applications, expand the volume of keywords and test text options in ads. Along with the development and optimisation of your business, its advertising should be updated as well. The cost of maintaining and monitoring will be paid off with improved conversions.

Why is it profitable to order contextual advertising from us?

Our web studio is a certified Google partner. We follow all the innovations and requirements for advertising campaigns. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency of our advertising campaigns.

In the shortest possible time, our specialists are ready to launch a project that will fully meet your expectations. We will analyse your target audience, study the potential customers’ demand as well as the competitors’ offers, and competently set up a campaign on the service.

In our web studio, ordering contextual advertising involves the implementation of an integrated approach to project development with a long-term strategy. The peculiarity of this promotion tool is high efficiency combined with a short period of action. Therefore, it is necessary to engage in the placement of ads on a regular basis.

Our web studio has the following advantages:


years of experience in the Internet marketing


specialists working with each project

99 000

conversions attracted


accounts configured

How to find out the terms of cooperation?

You can find out the cost for running contextual advertising by defining the goals of the campaign and analysing the current position of the business niche in the market. We provide turnkey services, performing all related tasks. You can contact us in terms of the development of all advertising images and slogans.

In order for an advertising campaign to be effective and justified by the price, a competent strategy is needed. Contact our experienced specialists in promoting a wide variety of products and services. You can leave a request for a consultation through a convenient form on the website. We will be happy to answer all questions in detail.

Need properly working and regular contextual advertising? The cost of running a campaign from our web studio will be profitable. It will be definitely paid off with the results!

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