Link building

Link building – is an external website optimization concerning increasing links to your web resource on reputable sites. The purpose of such optimization is to increase brand awareness and its promotion in search results. The method implies not the purchase of the maximum number of references but building an individual strategy for their receipt from quality resources.

How is the link mass increased?

Link building is a responsible and labor-intensive process, as donor resources are analyzed by many parameters. Accurate search and attention to detail allow you to obtain the required result, without putting the website at risk to get under search engines’ control algorithms.

When choosing a donor site, we pay attention to:

1. Compliance to the theme

It is better to place articles with links on a web resource with a similar topic. Search engines better react to backlinks when they are on the site of a similar direction.

2. Authority and trust

We choose resources with good reputation with both search engines and readers. In the case of not a startup resource, it speaks of its popularity and demand.

3. Audience activity

Blocks for comments and reviews, as well as buttons for social network distribution, indicate the activity of the web resource. A link placed on such a portal will be of use.

4. Text nausea.

If a site has too much advertising and pop-ups, it risks getting under search engine filters. To post backlinks, we choose promising websites, which can give long-term benefits.

It is possible to achieve the best result if you use a regional site as a donor. As for restaurants, beauty salons, dentists and service stations, it’s best to post the backlinks on city portals.

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    What are the optimization process stages?

    First of all, the client’s website, its structure and theme are analyzed. The plan for writing texts for donor sites, as well as the anchor-list with keywords from the semantic kernel are made on the basis of the collected data. The competitors’ reference profiles in the business niche are also analyzed.

    The extension of the link mass starts with the selection of ideal donor portals and holding negotiations with them. We agree on the price of the service and requirements for the placed thematic materials. After that, our specialists prepare information content with the links to be posted.

    After the first stage of posting the links, we carry out the analysis of the results and prepare the report. Further planning concerning promotion with the help of this method are made on its basis. In addition, adjustments are made to the plan and technical tasks. We have transparent conditions, and we pay much attention to the content quality.

    What makes Link building successful?

    Extension of link mass is useful for startup websites and companies working under high competition. The method allows you to increase traffic growth and product awareness significantly. When forming individual strategies, we adhere to such principles as:

    • 01

      Providing a gradual link increase, not allowing their sharp burst on donor resources.

    • 02

      Keeping the balance between the anchor and non-anchor links.

    • 03

      Careful donor portals study.

    We prefer ‘eternal’ links, which allow promoting sites on high-frequency requests. They are placed once and for all and reduce the possibility to get under the sanctions of search robots. Usage of such links shows a high level of natural clicks.

    To achieve a good result in promoting with the help of this method, it is important to understand the client’s target audience and their needs. We take responsibility for the choice of thematic materials capable of catching the eye and stimulating natural clicks.

    Our specialists carefully analyze the client’s business niche, its leaders and the corresponding donor sites. Step-by-step promotion is the best option for companies that require a long-term website.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the method

    The main plus of optimization using natural links is the possibility to climb to the top of search results and increase the web resource reputation. Posting thematic materials on donor portals is the best way to attract the target audience naturally.

    In addition, link building is an effective website promotion on the Internet by speeding up the indexing of pages by search bots. Of course, this works provided that the links to the web resource are placed on a reputable, trusted site with a good reputation.

    Native advertising

    Let’s analyze the example of a website promotion regarding dentistry. Firstly, it is necessary to prepare thematic articles for future links on such topics as, for example: ‘Techniques for painless teeth treatment’ and ‘Taking care of children’s teeth.’ Then, the articles are posted on city portals and information resources specializing in such topics as: ‘Health’, ‘Children upbringing’, ‘Technologies’.

    A potential client pays attention to the article with an interesting for them topic and gets additional information about dentistry services. This is a good opportunity to get those customers who have been planning to use the service later and have been motivated by thematic material. Even if a potential customer does not leave an order on the same day, they will still have a memo helping to associate your brand with the necessary service.

    What is the disadvantage?

    The only disadvantage of link building is temporary costs. This method requires tedious work and accurate planning. It can not be used as the only way for optimization and promotion. Still, together with other techniques, it gives excellent results!

    The use of poor-quality links or ‘black SEO’ methods can quickly lead the site to fall under the search engines sanctions. It is very important to engage an experienced specialist in the development and implementation of the strategy. It is best to order a complex of work under the contract with a web studio.

    What does our web studio offer?

    We pay special attention to the compilation of strategies, carefully collecting and processing source information. A detailed analysis allows making an optimal website promotion plan in any business niche. Each client can count on a personal approach and detailed consultation.

    You can order link building on a turnkey basis with all ancillary works at our company. Our web studio is engaged in preparing content as well as drawing up anchor-lists according to the semantic core data and donor sites analysis. We take responsibility for the work done and do not convey the tasks to outsource.

    We offer a gradual link increase and aim at permanent cooperation with the customers. Additionally, you can order SEO promotion using other proven techniques. We are ready to offer optimal ways for site promote in any business niche.

    You can get more detailed information about the service and features of the method, referring to the indicated numbers. Our employees will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best conditions for cooperation. You can leave a request through a special form on the site.

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