Website SEO audit

Different kinds of shortcomings, incorrect optimization, as well as bugs and errors, causing incorrect work prevent attracting targeted traffic, lower the level of usability and do not allow the site to be brought to the top of search engine results. To detect these errors and eliminate them, you need to conduct an SEO audit of the site.

What is SEO audit of the site?

In order to determine bugs made during the development or search engine optimization of the site, website promotion specialists carry out a number of special events using specialized software — i.e., SEO website audit.

Resource analysis allows you to define:

The number of pages that are in the index of search engines

The presence of technical errors on the site

The quality of content optimization

User-friendliness of the site

Positions for key queries in search results

The number and quality of external links from other Internet resources

All of the stated above is important for attracting targeted traffic, forming the target audience and increasing conversion.

You can order an SEO site audit from our qualified and experienced specialists right now. It is worth noting that the price of an SEO site audit depends on the volume of the resource itself, as well as the amount of work to be done.

Audit before launching a site

Launching a new web project on the Internet is quite an important task. The quality of site optimization will determine its further promotion in search engines and popularization among the target audience.

Here are
some cases which may be serious obstacles to successful promotion: the scripts do not work correctly; web pages take too much time to be loaded by the browser; text content is not unique and spammed with thematic keys, etc.

A high-quality SEO site audit will identify all technical bugs and optimization errors, as well as find a solution for their prompt elimination.

After launch site Audit

When developing any Internet resource, its internal search engine optimization is carried out for promotion in search engines
in particular:


Relevant key queries are selected for each input and (target) page — i.e., the semantic core of the site is compiled.


Key-optimized text content is created


Important meta tags are formatted properly

After the launch of the site, external links are gradually attracted from thematic, authoritative for search engines, and trust sites. All this has a positive effect on the promotion of the site in search results.

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    to conduct
    seo audit

    Some time after the internal and external search engine optimization of a web project, it is already possible to conduct an SEO audit of the site. It is done in order to analyze its promotion in Google or other search engines. Thus, it is possible to make a timely correction in order to improve the results after the next update (i.e., search engine index upgrade).
    The actual cost of an SEO site audit is also determined on the basis of the number of activities and certain actions that are included in the scope of work. We have loyal prices while maintaining the high quality of services. A huge number of our customers have already seen this. Now you can make sure of it as well.

    Site audit without visible improvements after promotion

    As a result of the mistakes made in the process of search engine optimization, its landing pages may still remain far from the top positions in search results or even fall out of the search results. In this case, an audit is indispensable. A high-quality SEO site audit will help determine why the site does not appear on the first pages of Google search results, and will provide an opportunity to find a solution to increase the flow of targeted traffic.

    Possible errors

    Because of the current mistakes, many sites (especially young ones) may fall under specific filters — i.e., sanctions on behalf of search engines. This makes it difficult to bring the resource to the first positions of search results. SEO analysis will help identify the problem in order to remove the site from one or another search engine filter.

    Inexperienced copywriters and SEO specialists often make mistakes when optimizing text content. For example, texts may feature low originality, be spammed with keywords, or have low keyword density. All this negatively affects search engine promotion, so an audit will help identify this problem.

    Express site audit

    This is the so-called quick site audit, which identifies the main issues and describes their impact on the promotion of a web project.
    Express audit of a site will show the current state of resource promotion.
    The received data make it possible to draw conclusions and begin to fix the main bugs.

    Express SEO site audit will demonstrate the attitude of search engines towards your site based on basic characteristics. Those can be such characteristics as: the number of indexed pages; positions on the keys of the semantic core; page loading speed; the number of external links.

    site audit

    This type of an Internet resource analysis allows you to conduct complete monitoring of a particular web resource promotion.
    In this case, we can analyze the content and technical condition of the site, its indexing, positions for key queries in the search results, and link mass. A full site audit makes it possible to identify all errors, get a detailed explanation of how to fix them and find out what exactly they affect.

    Complex site audit concerns both internal and external problems that are directly related to search engine promotion. Our prices for a complex website audit are always loyal to the consumer.
    To order a full site audit, please contact our specialists. If you wish, you will be explained in detail what exactly is a comprehensive SEO site audit, how long it will take to complete this work and what the final cost will be.

    Internal site audit

    Problems with search engines promotion often arise namely because of mistakes made in the process of creating optimized content and working on program code.
    The internal site audit makes it possible to check its technical condition (i.e., validity of the html code, the operation of scripts, filling in meta tags, possiblity to check the text content for originality and spamming “water content”, etc.).
    If you are only interested in the internal site audit, price will also depend on the volume of your site.

    External site audit

    This type of SEO analysis is no longer carried out with the site itself, but with the external environment that is used for its promotion and promotion in search engines.
    External site audit allows you to determine the number of external links to your site and their quality.
    External SEO site audit will show from which Internet resources the links are being promoted. It will also help identify which landing pages of the promoted site the links are being send on.
    The analysis of the external link mass is important, since such links stimulate the promotion of the resource in the SERPs, allow pages to maintain favourable positions, or vice versa, have a bad effect on promotion in search engines.

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