Search engine reputation management services

Search engine reputation management services are a whole range of measures aimed at searching and eliminating negative mentions of a company. The service can be ordered for a brand, a specific product or a special service, a public person. The purpose of the work is to make a client see only useful and positive information when searching for thematic materials.

When is SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) needed?

Both real disgruntled customers and competing organizations can leave negative reviews of a company. Such reviews can affect sales, the customers’ loyalty and trust, and their interest in your services. We recommend image management when:

  • 01

    Inaccurate information about your product or service (reviews may not even have anything to do with you) is posted on the Internet;

  • 02

    Custom-made negative comments from competitors are posted on sites with reviews (intentional dark PR campaign against the brand);

  • 03

    Dissatisfied customers massively write negative impressions of your work (the user has received a poor-quality product and takes revenge on the brand);

  • 04

    Your company only enters the market and its image is not formed.

Search engine reputation management neutralizes the negative impression about your business on the network, and increases users’ trust in it. The strategy for eliminating negativity from the Internet is built individually for each brand.

How does our agency work with the reputation of brands?

Monitoring of brand mention

First of all, the brand mentions and analysis of the placed comments (sources and causes) are monitored. The monitoring can be carried out on thematic forums, reviews portals and blogs, social networks, etc. All sites from search engines where there is a mention of the brand are added to the general SERM plan.

Elimination of false comments

The elimination of false comments is carried out both with the help of a constructive dialogue with web service representatives and by increasing positive comments (making them predominant). For individual niches of business, PR materials, press releases and image articles in the media can be useful. They will take first places in the search results and replace negative mentions.

Internet users trust the issuance of search engines and if they see positive information about the brand, they make a good impression about it. It is very important to create a proper company’s image in the search engine!

Naturalness and security of the process

As practice shows, dissatisfied customers are much more likely to share their opinions. Therefore, if you do not monitor reviews, negative ones will very quickly begin to prevail and spoil the company’s image. We approach responsibly to prepare reviews so that they look truthfully:

    The text of each comment is unique and not like others

    All comments have a sufficient length (short reviews are not significant, and too long ones aren’t read by anyone)

    Specifics and facts are included (the characteristics and factors that have a direct relationship to your product are indicated)

You can order the search engine reputation management by providing services and portals with negative mentions yourself. We have extensive experience in the elimination of negativity on the network, and we know what approach is needed for cooperation with a variety of Internet sites representatives.

Just buying good responses is not enough. Our analysis will identify requiring correction weaknesses of a product. The cost of search engine reputation management on the Internet is calculated individually, depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

Along with this service, in the VOLL Web Studio you can order a website promotion, which involves an integrated approach to internal and external optimization of the resource. In this case, all aspects of its work will be analyzed, competitive advantages will be identified and demonstrated to customers, which will become the basis for the formation of a positive reputation.