Website development on OpenCart

OpenCart – is a platform focused on creating and managing online shops.

It is suitable for projects of different ranges, but requires editing the code and a webmaster’s help. Our Web Studio is ready to create a website for your business for the sale of a wide variety of goods on the basis of the OpenCart platform.

We use only proven templates and efficient modules and deal with their competent personalisation. CMS sites are distinguished by high functionality and simplicity, and their price is estimated individually in each case.

Design variety and customization

In order for your sales resource to look considerable and presentable, you have to work on its design. The visual component makes the first impression on potential buyers, and therefore you shouldn’t save on its development.

Our specialists will be happy to analyse the spectrum of your offer and listen to your wishes. A suitable colour gamma, appropriate images and graphic elements will be chosen for your service.

OpenCart online shop development implies its adaptability for devices with different screens. Each design has its own characteristics, and you can choose a suitable interface as well as the goods layout.

Visual accent can be placed on the product range as well as advertising proposals, campaigns or other announcements. We build interfaces in such a way that they stimulate clients to the target action.

There are no problems with the installation of the OpenCart, as it turns into one click on good hosting. The system has a set of standard tools and the possibility of modifying the supplementary parts.

You can choose such useful elements as:
Accompanying goods block. Its presence motivates the visitor to additional purchases and increases the average amount of the check.
Bookmarks. They are used for adding positions without registration.
Display of product viewed.
Block with current coupons and discounts.
Reviews section.

The development of a site begins with learning customers’ needs. The installation and setting of each of the blocks is agreed on individually. It is possible to use an online resource with maximum efficiency if you track all sales data and user behaviour. CMS allows you to do this conveniently, providing your own analytics tools.

Built-in tools make it possible to determine the popularity of certain products in separate regions, as well as the average age of buyers. Statistical data will be useful for determining the target audience and the formation of an accurate marketing strategy.

Communication with users and payment convenience can be integrated with the help of special extensions. A website is a priority marketing tool for many areas of business.

Promotion and search engine optimisation

It will be difficult to engage in promoting a web project on such an engine without using additional elements. We use templates that have proven themselves well in accordance with the standards of search engines.

Our specialists work with system file codes. So, you can prepare unique descriptions and images for all sections and positions. If you need a site development on OpenCart, the turnkey price is estimated individually after discussing all parts.

In order for the resource to start to bring buyers immediately in the first days of work, you can create a contextual advertising campaign.
You can customize it on a full range of products or separate positions. In the setup, you can take into account the age of the target audience, the region of their residence and their interests. Our employees have the experience of promoting online shops in a variety of niches.

Advantages and disadvantages

Website development on OpenCart will be an excellent solution for those who appreciate simplicity and functionality. The platform provides a huge number of templates and modules, which can be adapted to your taste by editing an open-source code.
The administrative panel is intuitive and easy in its functionality. You can configure the service to any language, including multilingualism. In general, web projects based on this CMS look nice and respectable.
The disadvantage of the platform is that SEO promotion will require scrupulous and responsible work. The disadvantage of the platform is that SEO promotion will require scrupulous and responsible work.
Some useful extensions have to be bought additionally, which will affect the total cost of a web service.

Should I create a site on the OpenCart?

Definitely yes, the system significantly simplifies work with an online shop and communication with visitors. Another thing is that to run a service without knowing the programming language is difficult to meet. So, in order for the service to take a high position in the search results, you need to elaborate on texts and images for each of the sections.
Our web studio adheres strictly to the required deadlines. We use innovative, tested on their efficiency techniques in our work. The earlier your shop will be launched on the network, the faster it will be able to bring new buyers without serious investment in contextual advertising.
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