Promotion in Google maps

Promotion of your site in Google Maps results in receiving additional traffic for local queries. It is especially useful for those who own restaurants, beauty salons, private schools, dentists and service stations. To attract new customers through Google Maps, your business page should be properly prepared and set up.

How useful is promotion in Google Maps?

Google Maps is a public search block, from which it is absolutely free to get traffic to a site. Moreover, the traffic tied to a specific geographic location always provides a higher conversion rate. So why miss an additional opportunity to attract customers?

Promotion in Google Maps begins with registering a company profile and filling in an application. For a personal page, you can come up with a capacious and attractive description, indicate a list of services and state the opening hours. The page should contain contact details, a brief description of the company, the address of the institution or office, and the website.

— Developing the right brand image

Reviews about the company help to motivate users to buy goods and services. Your customers can leave their impressions about your product or service, as well as write suggestions and recommendations. By responding to these opinions on behalf of the firm, you demonstrate your own brand’s openness to dialogue.

Promotion on Google Maps is efficient for companies whose activities are tied to a specific geographic location. The success of promotion on the service largely depends on working with the customers’ opinion:

The more responses on your page you have, the higher is its place in the search results of the service. This also gives it a better chance of being listed in a separate card block in organic search results.

The more positive ratings, the more advantageous position your company’s page will have in the service.

Keywords in the responses can also influence the position of the page and even attract additional traffic from the search results.

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    How to get more reviews on Google Maps?

    Fake and implausible reviews are usually clearly visible to users. It makes sense to ask your real customers to leave reviews on Google Maps, offering them additional bonuses or discounts. You can also ask them to leave their comments by compiling an email newsletter

    As practice shows, customers are not always willing to cooperate. And if your company is still just entering the market, Google Maps reviews cheating can help you get the first orders. However, it is important to understand how the algorithms and spam filters of this service work.

    — Company’s reputation revision

    The cases when dissatisfied customers or competitors leave a lot of negative ratings on companys’ pages are quite common. You can lose a significant part of your profits every day due to low ratings, as they scare off potential customers. Absence of customers’ feedback on the page, can be also alarming

    The lack of feedback indicates that the company is young or not successful. Potential customers may begin to suspect her of fraud or inconsistency of her activities with a commercial offer. When a company first enters the market, it is better to buy the first review package for the page.

    The list of VOLL services includes website promotion through writing reviews in Google Maps. The responses left by our professional copywriters will be as realistic and believable as possible. They will unobtrusively advertise profitable offers and strengths of your company, steadily increasing the trust of customers.

    — Good reviews sell goods and services

    You can buy Google Maps reviews in any quantity and even leave wishes on their content. They can be made to emphasise the uniqueness of your offer or some nice bonuses when ordering services. On favorable terms, you can buy assessment packages on a regular basis.

    Responses look credible when they appear on the page not in one day. They can be made gradually to gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. By the way, in the reviews you can leave frequently asked questions, which can be answered in detail on behalf of the company.

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