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Development and creation of a landing page is a responsible task that should be entrusted to professionals. Landing page will allow you to maximize your profits and achieve rapid growth of targets.
We offer services for creating landing pages on attractive conditions for the client.

Why is landing page so important for business?

A landing page is a website containing only one page with a detailed description of any product or service. Its purpose is to draw the visitors’ attention. Potential clients may find their own self-interest and react to the call by leaving an application or placing an order.

Landing pages are an effective tool for product or service promotion. A landing page may be essential if you need to:

  • Run a new product and make focal advertising

  • Enhance conversion and sales in case of their low level on the main site.

  • Solve a specific task for which the company’s main website cannot be used

  • Start selling goods In the shortest possible time

Landing pages can be created not only for selling goods or services.
A landing page may be necessary for collecting audience information.
Visitors are also invited to issue a subscription or receive additional information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Landing Pages

Availability of a specific offer
Narrow orientation that helps to obtain a planned result and steadily brings consumers to action.
Convenient navigation
A landing page has a simple and understandable for the visitor structure.
Short term of project implementation
Depending on the level of complexity, the development of the website can be set at from 5 to 20 days.
More affordable price
The cost of creating a landing page is lower in comparison with the creation of multi-page web resources.
Small weight
This feature determines the high loading speed of a landing page.
The ability to promote only one product
The narrow direction of a landing page will not suit the wide range of the company.
The active proposal of the product, which implies the development of a landing page, can become an annoying factor for the consumer.
Lack of opportunities for fulfilling business
To establish interaction with customers, partners need to create a full-fledged Internet site.
High competitiveness with multi-page websites
This primarily concerns niches with a high level of demand.

Choosing between a web studio or a freelancer to order a landing page

When choosing a contractor, the customer often relies on the cost of the service. According to this criterion, freelancers are more popular. Still, they often work with ready-made standardised templates. Working with a professional web studio guarantees:

  • Integrated approach to fulfilling the task. It includes studying the target audience and competitors, creation of the prototype, filling with high-quality text content, SEO promotion, etc.;
  • Development of a unique product. Web studios do not use constructors and templates. They work with proven engines, like WordPress, and create an adaptive single-page site from scratch;
  • Material responsibility for quality. Services are provided on the basis of an agreement having legal force.

Important! To obtain a truly efficient selling landing page, you should contact a web studio with positive reviews and proper portfolio.

What is the price and deadline for the development of a landing page?

  • 01
    Type of design

    A template option is usually ineffective, and exclusive requires time and investment.

  • 02

    The presence of prototype and unique texts from a professional copywriter.

  • 03
    Purpose of creation

    One-time order, a purchase or a long-term cooperation subscription.

  • 04
    The complexity of the functional

    Development of a landing page can include only the order button and product photos. It can also be an expulsive presentation of the product with interactive elements, animation, etc.

Stages of a Landing page development

A qualitative landing page is a great tool for the development of your business. To get a full-featured cross-browser and adaptive one-page site, it is better to contact the specialists at once.

Our web studio develops landing pages using the following algorithm of actions:

  • 01

    Collection of information

    We offer a client to fill in a brief to specify important information about the company or product, as well as additional wishes for the landing page

  • 02

    Creating a prototype and writing texts

    We think over the structure of the web page, formulate headers, compile a detailed description of the services and/or products, and fill the webpage with high-quality content

  • 03

    Design development

    We strive to make the landing page interface convenient. An appropriate design should assist in selling products or services, and not overload the site with superfluous details

  • 04

    Adaptive layout

    Our task is to prepare an optimized website (with a high level of usability), connect scripts, and customize animation. Our goal is to provide a client with a site that will be convenient for stationary and mobile devices use.

  • 05

    Connecting HTML layout to CMS

    A simple and understandable control system will allow you to make adjustments at any time. You will be able to change images, add new products, rewrite headers, etc.

  • 06

    Connecting to the CRM system

    We will do everything so that you can run prompt work with the customers’ requests

  • 07

    Setting up advertising campaigns

    We will help to attract new customers and make your landing page a truly efficient marketing tool.

Our web studio offers services for creating and developing your ideal landing page. We are proud that our customers respond positively about our work and recommend us to their contacts.

Landing Page Functional Features

A landing page is an effective selling web resource.

Following a landing page link, a user gradually gets important information from it. Your potential customer will go through all the classic sales stages: grabbing client’s attention, awakening interest, demonstrating advantages, fighting doubts and objections, calling for action, etc. Properly created selling landing page will be your highly efficient marketing tool.

At the same time, the development of a one-page site takes an order of much less time than creating a full-fledged multi-page web resource. This will allow to start an advertising campaign aimed at promoting a particular product or service in the shortest possible time.

more than 300 completed projects we are proud of

“VOLL” is a Web Studio with great experience in implementing projects of various specifics, scale, functional, etc. Our customers include numerous companies of various fields of activity in different countries and cities. You can see only a small part of our works below. However, it will allow you to evaluate the: high professionalism of our specialists; level of responsibility of our work; efficiency of the selling landing page launch for the purpose of increasing the customer’s company profitability.


Why should you entrust the development of your landing page to our company?

We offer attractive terms of cooperation. In our web studio, you can order a turn-key landing page. We sign an agreement, and our specialists begin to work on your project. We will register a domain, figure out the suitable tariff plan hosting, develop and create a full-featured selling one-page web resource.

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