Croud marketing

Croud marketing is a promotion method based on interaction with the target audience on forums and blogs. Its goal is to increase the recognition of the brand and trust in it, stimulating sales. This method also allows you to obtain additional link mass, which helps to promote the website in search engines.

How exactly does crowd marketing work?

This method of promotion is the most effective for online shops and service selling websites. A marketer discovers online services with a product discussion as for a particular topic, where users discuss its characteristics and share advice on choosing.

The examples of such online services are:

  • Thematic sites
    and forums

  • Blogs and sites
    with reviews

  • Questions and answers services

  • Reference books and catalogs

  • Portals with reviews

Crowd marketing services imply not only the search for sites, but also the target audience analysis. The method’s effectiveness depends on the contents of the comments left, as well as the specifics of the site itself.

The answers are formed both on the prior marketer’s questions, and on messages from real users. The comments indicate the hidden advantages of a particular product, and a link to a website is left. In some cases, links to several sites (including competing) are posted in order for the commentary to looks objectively.

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    Why is the link placement so effective on the forums?

    The link placement on thematic sites allows you to achieve the ‘word-of-mouth’ effect. Blog and forum readers rely on ordinary Internet users’ advice more, than contextual advertising. Choosing this method of promotion, you have the opportunity to cover a large audience.

    Buying forum links is a good way to get unobtrusive advertising that will look seamlessly. Our experts write literate comments which do not look bought. Moderators do not take them as spam and leave them on the sites forever.

    Website visits following such links are always accompanied by positive behavioral factors, which improves the resource reputation in search engines.

    Even if a potential client does not follow the link to visit your resource on the same day, the product will still be associated with your brand. This method contributes to the recognition of companies and increasing trust in them.

    Who will benefit from buying and placing links?

    The presented marketing method can be of great benefit for:


    dry cleaning, repair, maintenance


    Event, real estate, advertising


    Online shops
    Digital equipment, dishes, furniture

    Медицинскими клиниками

    Medical clinics
    dentistry, children’s clinics


    Online services
    banking, social, informational

    However, this method of promotion cannot be used as the main or universal for each business niche. Its effectiveness and benefit for each specific company should be analyzed individually. The purchase of mentions on the forum will give a slight effect to

    B2B companies with solid checks or a narrowed niche

  • Services with tough geographical restrictions (for example, beauty salon or cartridge refilling in a remote area of ​​the city)

  • Situational services (emergency services, hacking doors and locks, an urgent call of the tow truck)

  • Crowd marketing rarely gives a quick result and requires an integrated approach. You can evaluate the effectiveness of the methodology through:

    Рост трафика

    Traffic growth on the website

    Увеличение спроса

    Increase in goods/services demand

    Повышение позиций

    Raising positions in the search results (we are talking about the pages to which crowd links lead)

    How does our team work?

    First of all, we analyze the client’s niche and his products, and study the offers of competitors and leaders in the market. This analysis makes it possible to identify the offer’s uniqueness and the potential customers’ problems. It is very important to understand the painful issues and interests of the business target audience.

    Based on the data obtained, options for questions and answers to comments are compiled. The answers are focused on those characteristics that are especially important for potential customers. Thus, a person sees the mention of the products that fully meets their requirements.

    Individual setting

    You can order crowd links for one product or entire categories. The same applies to services, as general and specific options are possible (for example, ‘brushing your teeth’ or ‘brushing your teeth with a laser’). The cost of references depends on the thematic platform features and the advertising campaign scale. You can buy crowd links one-time or order regular advertising in this way. The final price for the service can be estimated after a detailed personal analysis.

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