Website usability audit

Usability of the site audit – this is work to identify in its functionality and interface problems that interfere with the conversion. The service implies the study of user behavior on the pages of the website and analysis of the reasons for the lack of targeted actions. As a result, the definition of problems for solving problems, the search for solutions for each website is carried out individually.

What tasks will help to solve usability an audit of the site?

First of all, this service will be interesting to companies whose activities are based on e -commerce. For such companies, a website is a marketing tool, on the indicators of the conversion of which the profitability of the entire business as a whole depends.
You can order a USability analysis for:

Reduce the cost

Reduce the cost of attracting a client

Reduce customer support costs

Reduce customer support costs

Increase the average check of the buyer

Increase the average check of the buyer of the online store

Simplify the daily use

Simplify the daily use of the website

The picture shows that the usability of a website has an impact on the behavior of a user or a potential buyer and can lead him to the desired goal or help to make conversions - If it seems that the site is already completely ready, it is better to order a service for analyzing the usability of the user interface - This way you can see the weaknesses of the site

Simplify interaction with visitors (forms of consultations, etc.).

An audit of the usability of the online store is also performed in order to improve the company’s image. The website is a company’s representative office on the Internet, it should leave a good impression of the brand. The loyalty of customers to your company depends on the convenience of using a web resource.

In addition, an audit of usability with subsequent correction of flaws is one of the shortest ways to raise positions in the search results. Effective website promotion is impossible if the internal structure, navigation, design does not meet the modern requirements put forward by Google.

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    What factors are analyzed with an audit?

    Among the owners of sites there is a popular delusion that after the audit you will have to completely redo the web resource or even create a new one. But this is not so, in most cases it is enough to finalize the “problematic” places of the interface and optimize the “readability” by the visitor to its elements.

    What will include the ushabilitatization of the site?

    The picture shows that loading speed has an impact on the user's experience when visiting a page - Therefore, when you need to order a usability analysis, you should always include this item

    Web site loading time
    from server

    The picture shows that incorrect links will spoil the impression of the user of the site - Therefore, in order to find and remove broken links, you need to apply for usability analysis of the website

    Search for broken links
    and errors in the code

    The picture shows that the intuitiveness of the content helps the user to more easily navigate the page and the web resource as a whole - You can order the usability of the site to improve this item

    Intuitiveness and convenience
    of the site structure

    The picture shows that some elements may interfere with page viewing, so this should be taken into account when conducting a detailed analysis of the site's UI - Quick usability analysis of the site from VOLL

    The presence of interfering and
    distracting elements

    The picture shows that when conducting a site UX analysis, many factors on the page are taken into account - Order a website usability audit

    Pages design (ease of reading text,
    visibility of buttons and forms for
    interacting with visitors)

    The picture shows that search and its speed have an impact on the user interface and, as a result, on usability - VOLL Express UX Analysis

    The possibility of quick
    search for information

    An individual approach is important to evaluate any web resource, so all work begins with an analysis of the business niche. For example, for a clothing store, search filters are of characteristics and catalog as a whole. The availability of video reviews, and the correct structure of proposals, will help increase the conversion of the online store of digital technology.

    Optimization of images to improve the convenience of the site for the user - The inscription VOLL is on the picture - Order a usability audit

    How do we carry out the audit of usability sites?

    The picture shows how the web studio analyzes the usability of the site - When the usability audit service comes into operation, the main points are always completed - Studying the site - Discussing what price - The customer's decision is made - The tasks are performed

    First of all, the target audience of the website is studied and its behavior is analyzed. With the help of heat cards, barriers that reduce conversion indicators are revealed. Thanks to the analysis of offers from competitors, we offer customers a unique positioning and exclusive design.

    1. The cost of the site of the site usual

    depends on its scale and features. For each website, we are looking for optimal ways and technical solutions. We know how to ensure the convenience of the interface and the availability of information. If necessary, we can completely process the design of the web resource pages.

    2. Order usability audit of the site

    this means getting accurate, understandable and reasonable recommendations. We provide the client with the collected data and offer services to help solve the identified problems. Our web studio provides a full range of services to optimize web resources.

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    No need to lose potential customers!

    Our web studio will reveal the problems of conversion and offer optimal ways to solve them!

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