Audit of an advertising campaign

Often the case is when an advertising campaign is set up and launched by a user on their own. It is quite possible that the budget allocated for it is just wasted. New orders do not appear, and each click is unreasonably expensive. Identifying the true problem without the help of an experienced specialist can be a problem.

An audit of an advertising campaign – is a comprehensive analysis of ad settings in Google AdWords and a list of recommendations to improve their effectiveness. Eliminating the shortcomings identified in advertisements allows you to achieve a significant increase in sales and budget optimization.

What does a Google AdWords campaign audit include?

A comprehensive audit of advertising campaigns allows you to analyse them from the standpoint of profitability and efficiency. It should be noted that this service does not include creation of ads as well as their correction. You can order contextual advertising setup from scratch as a separate service for your website. It will help to:

Cover the target audience to the fullest extent

If necessary, ads can be shown to users of a certain age. It is possible to determine geographical preferences, select an audience for advertising according to its interests, etc.

Get rid of acquisition costs

(for example, the “furniture cleaning” service should not attract users with the request “clean the furniture yourself” or “clean the furniture buy funds”).

Optimize PPC (pay per click)

Proper setting will reduce the cost of attracting each new
potential customer.

Achieve the highest efficiency

Make a client’s ads attractive and increase their profit from the advertising campaign.

An audit of an advertising campaign can be ordered both for the purpose of general optimisation and to help solve a specific problem. Our experts will provide you with an objective and independent analysis. We give clear and easily applicable in practice recommendations.

What does a client get by ordering an audit of advertising campaigns?

Based on the results of the analysis, you will get a document with a list of all errors found. You will be able to know the reasons for the high cost of customer acquisition and low rates of conversion. The document will indicate errors due to which the wrong target audience comes to the website.

We are ready to conduct an audit of an advertising campaign for companies of almost any direction. Our experts can analyse key queries for different services and products, as well as categories and information pages. You will receive not only a list of errors, but also explanations for their elimination.

  • 01

    Selected type of strategy

  • 02

    Dividing ads into groups

  • 03

    Ad text and offer

  • 04

    Properly selected semantics

  • 05

    Allocated budget and bid adjustments

  • 06

    Filling out contact details correctly

How much will personal analysis cost?

The advertising campaign audit price is calculated individually. The volume and complexity of work depends on the niche of the client’s business and the features of the site. The number of key phrases, ads and campaigns themselves plays a role. We are always happy to discuss the terms of cooperation and offer the best conditions.

It is also important to consider that contextual advertising may be a tool for promoting goods and services, which is used by companies everywhere. Therefore, the competition in this niche is especially high. In an effort to save on the services of professionals, you can monitor how your advertising budget is wasted lengthy.

Ordering an audit of an advertising campaign means investing in the future of your business promotion. Optimising your settings and advertising budget will allow you to significantly save on attracting new customers afterwards. We will be happy to help you reach maximum coverage of the target audience!

Our recommendations will help you not to overpay for customer acquisition and achieve better conversion rates!

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