Medical website

Medical website development is an opportunity to increase the recognition of the clinic,
and give a potential patient a set of basic information.
If a client is interested in the offer, they will be able to contact you quickly.

Be available to your customers 24 hours a day via the website!

In case of having health problems, people start to look for the information on the Internet. Most often, they make up their first impression about the health facility and its specialists, judging on the online resource data.

The result of the competent medical website development is a favorable image of a health facility. A good service inspires its visitors’ trust, provides them with the information about the full range of services and all the centre’s advantages. You can place a price list, employees data, available equipment, etc. on the resource.

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    What tasks can such
    a site simplify?


    1. Search for patients

    Potential customers will find your resource themselves in search of the related to the clinic activities.


    2. Saving time

    A patient will be able to get the full amount of useful information on the site before making an appointment. These may be the service details offers, information about medical equipment, prices and possible contraindications, etc. The data given on the resource will save time on telephone conversations and personal consultations.


    3. Availability 24/7

    A site visitor will be able to leave a request at any time, and your manager will call them back during working hours. Online forms allow you to instantly answer the website guests’ clarifying questions.


    4. Reputation and customers’ trust

    A website is a face and image of a business. Structured information, doctors’ photos, certificates, and patients’ reviews will give a positive impression on the guests and encourage them to make an appointment.

    Site development stages for
    doctors or clinics

    The development of medical sites includes a set of works on filling them with useful content. Great importance is given to the convenience of resource navigation and exploring user behavior schemes. Information pages should clearly and carefully respond to the visitors’ problems. It is important for the clients to know that professionals who work in the clinic can help them properly. A user-friendly and credible resource can motivate potential clients to act, and high-quality application forms increase the conversion to a large extent.

    • 01

      Data collection

      We will not start work until we study your company’s activities and listen to your wishes. It is important for us to understand the business strategy and the goals you want to achieve through the site.

    • 02

      Prototype development

      We create a general concept of your resource and demonstrate it to you. Together with you, we will determine the type of the site, its style, orientation and functionality, structure of the resource as a whole and each of its pages.

    • 03

      HTML-CSS layout

      The approved layout is connected to the programming code. We offer an adaptive layout, so your site will be displayed properly on stationary computers and mobile devices.

    Then, the site is connected to CMS and filled with content. After that, the project is ready to be launched.

    What should such a
    web service include?

    Before developing a medical site, the information collection and analysis is performed. We study your proposal and its uniqueness, collect proper data on the target audience and competitors.

    After that, the work plan and the future service preliminary scheme are made:

    Number of blocks and their location
    Photos of the place, equipment and staff
    Data on services and their features
    Diplomas, certificates, patients’ reviews
    Price list and related information
    Form for online consultation and scheduling appointments

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      Developing a medical site means to simplify and improve communication with patients to a large extent.

      Our team is also engaged in the promotion of such resources and their effective advertising on the Internet.

      If you plan to create a medical site for your clinic, contact us for a detailed consultation at a convenient time. Our experts know how to bring any wishes of our customers to life.

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