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Choose the type of site for your business

Landing Page

A single-page website featuring a unique design.

Landing aims to introduce a new product or service to increase lead generation and sales!

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Small Website

A site made up of one/three pages featuring a customized design.

Gives key information about any business or person, including a Contact page and a Feedback form.

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Product Catalog Website

A site designed as a catalog with well-organized product categories and filters that does not have online shopping functionality.

It’s a great option for independently priced products.

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Corporate Website

A public or private website dedicated to your company,

Вallowing you to share news and other content, prices, presentations, and any other corporate information.

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Customized project

A site developed with a unique design of any complexity.

Get a professional project for your website, including design, front-end and back-end development.

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Online store

A site for selling products online.

Such type of website features categories and product cards, easy-to-use payment methods, shopping cart and data exchange.

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Key Steps of Website Development Process

01. Determining the project goal and analyzing the competitors

The client’s business sector, current trends and competitors’ resources are studied. Deep analytics assists in making the website user-friendly and intuitive for the target audience. Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors allows you to create a distinct and strong commercial offer.


02. Structure creation, design development and approval

At this stage, we build the site architecture, work out the layout of blocks and elements on its pages. Well-structured design helps users find information faster and attracts their attention to key areas. The website interface directly affects the conversion and bounce rate. Following the approved structure, the design development starts. Therefore, the UI/UX designer works out the visual part of the future site.

03. Website development and integration of functional parts

At this stage, ready-made templates are used to build a working website. Software modules as well as useful plugins and scripts are integrated. All pages are adapted for different types of devices and screen sizes. Page templates for all sections and categories are under development.


04. Testing and filling the site up with required content

We add content to the website. All pages are checked to ensure they are displayed properly. We test functionality and operation of dialog boxes, verify whether there are duplicate pages and dead links in order to fix such errors. Finally, we launch the website on a chosen domain name and hosting, or on a dedicated server.

05. SEO

At this stage, the meta tags (SEO-tags) are written for the website pages, followed by logical interlinking. We implement suggestions for optimizing the website to meet the requirements of search engines. If a client wants that the website ranks at the top 10 results, then we develop a step by step individual strategy aimed at attracting free organic traffic.


06. Launching your new website!

Once all the work is done we pass the website directly to the customer. All customers benefit from our full technical support and tutoring in using the admin panel. At any time, our clients can contact our web studio for extra functionality and regular upgrades.

07. Website development, advertising, ranking in the top 10 of Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yandex)

It’s always better when the website is promoted by the same people who created it. From the very beginning our projects are designed for effective promotion in search engines. We know how to achieve high conversions and high click rates in contextual advertising. Our websites usually rank very high, and the customer lifetime value is one of the most important indicators in our company!

More than 90% of websites developed by our web studio keep working with VOLL on promotion or contextual advertising.
While offering worthy services and products to the market, our clients feel confident about what they do, and we, in our turn, feel proud about the projects we’ve successfully implemented for them!

Choosing us results in numerous advantages:


Professional Development Team

Highly skilled developers working at Voll Web Studio are experts who practically complete website development from scratch and its full debugging.


Niche and Competitor Analysis

Our experts will analyze your niche, review the top competitor sites, collect the semantic core of your website, build its structure and conduct its internal optimization.


Creative and Unique Design

Creating a design that will attract potential customers and encourage them to take specific actions like making a purchase, leaving a request, calling the manager, etc.


Responsive and Adaptive Website

We apply up-to-date CMS and frameworks, using adaptive layout technologies, so that the resulting website will display correctly on any device.


Smooth-Running Website

Our team provides reliable and ongoing support to automate and expand your business. We use the most reliable services to keep your resource constantly available online.


Promoting Your Business

One of the crucial stages, at which our professional copywriters and SEO experts create all the text, graphic and media content you need.


Check out some of the projects developed and completed by our team. No matter how extensive your project is, you will get great results and effective promotion of any kind of website, ranging from a simple landing page to a large multi-page information or shopping website. Because of our customized approach, each project turns out to be fascinating, outstanding and unique, so you can check it out for yourself.

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Website Development Algorithm by VOLL Web Studio

Website development in Kyiv is a highly-demanded service, including a whole range of works with both visual and technical parts. Great results require deep analytics, planning and working out the structure of the website, as well as preparing and optimizing the core content.

Voll Web Studio provides a fully functional website development in Kyiv, performing a full range of necessary works. Our team handles the development of all kinds of websites. We can implement the most complex functionalities on the customer’s website. By contacting us, your project gets a SEO specialist to supervise it even at the development stage.

The easiest way to promote a website is to configure it to meet all the requirements of search engines while it is still under development. Due to good optimization our websites rank highly in search engine rankings.

Key Stages of Website Development

Determine the purpose (type) of the website.

Before you order a website in Kyiv, it is important to clearly define its purpose and goals. The client fills out a brief, indicating his expectations about the website and describes his design preferences. The web studio team develops analytics, studies current trends and analyzes competitors’ websites.

We compose a portrait of the target audience, which makes it much easier to determine the overall appearance and format of the website. We discuss the corporate identity and website functionality, content and technical issues.

Drafting the terms of reference for website development

All decisions made are recorded in a special document, which will be relied on by the participants involved in working on the project. The TOR covers the main work aspects and provides all the important technical details. This stage is of great importance, since the final outcome of the project depends on it.

Determining the terms and price of the project

The development of a fully fucntional website is a time-consuming process that requires a customized approach for each project. Timing depends on the complexity of the software, the number of page templates and design features. Filling a website with content requires some extra time.

Website Prototyping

This process involves elaboration of the hierarchy of main blocks and elements so that the website can be more intuitive for the target audience. We set a goal to create a website in Kyiv, which will arouse confidence and attract the attention of potential customers, keeping it till performing the target action.

Design Templates for Website Pages

Great interface features not only a cutting-edge look, but also provides a user-friendly experience while navigating the website. Depending on the site topicality, we choose matching fonts and colors. We make classy pictograms and animation elements, creating a coherent picture of the website.

Website development in Kyiv involves creating a corporate and distinctive style that will make you stand out from your competitors. Each of the interface elements should be subject to a single visual concept, directing users to the right place in the shortest time.

Website page design will directly affect bounce and conversion rates! The cost of quality design always pays off!

Template Development

Once the client has approved the look of the main pages on the website, the process of adapting them to different browsers and all sizes of screens starts. By contacting us about ordering a site development in Kyiv, you get a website for a reasonable price, which is adaptive and properly displayed on all devices.

We make ready-made templates that help website owners create new pages and post content using a CMS with no help from a website developer. We prepare standard pages for each section and category, so later clients can save a lot of money and optimize there time on front-end services.

Basic Content Filling

The website development in Kyiv completes by filling all the ready-made templates with required information. Optimized texts are written for the website, relying on key words and phrases from an individual semantic core. Search engines need them to evaluate the usefulness of a website for users.

Website page design will directly affect bounce and conversion rates! The cost of quality design always pays off!

Project Testing

At this stage, the proper display of all pages and templates and usability of the website on different types of devices are checked. The speed of opening pages and application functionality are tested. Furthermore, the presence of dead links, duplicates or incorrect text formatting is checked.

Project Delivery

Once website testing is completed, the completed project is transferred to the pre-selected hosting and is linked to the desired domain name. There it goes through the final check again and the final launch is carried out. The customer pays the full price and gets the website for personal use.

You can order a website in Kyiv for a reasonable price and on a fully functional basis in our web studio. The final price will depend on the format of your site, as well as on the volume and complexity of the work required to develop it.

Get a quote for the development of your website!

What affects the cost?

  • Website type (business card website, corporate, online shop)
  • Unique design or faster standard solution
  • Quality and amount of information content of the site
  • Using open source CMS or programming from scratch
  • SEO optimization before starting a project
  • Reduced development time

Our specialists will prepare a detailed action plan and calculation for the development of the site at your request:


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    Viktor Drozdenko

    I ordered the website development for a small company with 30-40 employees, involved in international trading with Europe, to be exact spare parts. The final result satisfies me, although there were some controversial points about the design. Everything was done as I wanted. The deadline is fine, they didn’t make me waste my time.

    Kristina R

    I feel really satisfied about choosing this web studio to develop my online store website. Everything was top-notch, it was obvious that the guys do their work well.

    Victoria Belyaeva

    ordered the development and promotion of a website for my cosmetics store at Voll Web Studio. Mostly I liked the design, all of my wishes and whims were fulfilled. Thanks a lot for your help.