News portal development

The media has a great influence on people’s lives, forming their worldview in some way. Attracting the audience’s attention may be possible with the help of interesting investigations, unique style, and proper presentation of the material. The development of a news portal is work aimed at creating a platform for publishing materials.

What should a modern news site look like?

The portal optimal structure and functionality are estimated based on its subject. First, a client should determine the purpose of the web resource and their expectations from its launch. We will offer a suitable template, modify it to the customer’s needs and add necessary modules.

A distinctive feature of all popular news sites is an exclusive design. It can include a memorable logo, convenient navigation system, recognisable block design, suitable colour solutions, etc. A new web project should be completely unlike the available analogues, as its reputation and recognition depend on it.

News site registration
and scope

Our designer team is ready to offer the development of an individual visual style. It may include:


Font selection


Pages backgrounds and graphic elements interface drawing


Web portal original logo creation (in case of necessity)

We can make a news site with a multi-level menu, with the possibility of registering and searching for information on placed materials. Modules for comments and reviews can be added optionally as well On the one hand, such extensions increase the time of finding the user on the site. On the other hand, they require constant moderation concerning conflicts and insults.

Regardless of the structure complexity and number of investment levels, the news portal should have simple and understandable navigation with the ability for the user to find the appropriate material as quickly as possible. Ordering a site development in VOLL, you get a resource with extremely convenient usability.

The modules that help to enhance the guest’s stay on the site are:

Related materials

Votes and surveys

Video and audio integration

Tag system and site map

Promotion and contextual advertising

To create web resources, we use engines that have proven to be the best in accordance with search engines requirements. We are engaged in complex portals promotion, optimise content and customise contextual advertising. The promoting web resources assistant is the module that allows you to share materials on social networks.

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