School site development

Nowadays, information technologies play an important role in all spheres of life, including education. A school site development is the possibility to create an online representative office of your institution. The web portal will perform an informational function, providing assistance to teachers and parents.

What tasks can the website solve?

The price directly depends on the functionality and the complexity of the project. Some customers are interested in a school site developed in a business card format. Such a solution is ideal for those who need an Internet page with contact details and minimum information about the institution.

Another option is a multipage web resource with a news feed and photo gallery. Such a resource can include information about the school’s history, data on its teachers and leadership, etc. Its structure allows you to place documents for reading and downloading.

It is worth noting the convenience of managing website materials, as each web portal uses an intuitive administrative panel. The news section allows you to place information concerning holiday date ads, roll calls and many other organizational moments.

The optimal option is a full-fledged web portal for the interaction between teachers and parents. It implies the possibility of registration with the goal:

Online diaries maintenance

Homework access

Downloading educational materials

Discussions of organizational moments

How to start a school site development?

First of all, the representative of the institution should formulate the purpose of the web portal and the expectations from its work. It is important to make sure that the teachers and parents are interested in its functionality. It is unlikely reasonable to invest in a web resource that will not be fully used.

We guarantee your website’s usability for both data exchange and communication. If you decide in favor of the site with a complete set of functions, there will be no problems with their use. We launch each project on a high-quality and sustainable platform.

A school site created with the help of our web studio will be developed with a pleasant design and all the necessary sections. An online portal is also the most convenient way to inform parents about important announcements and innovations.

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A school web portal is an excellent opportunity for parents to control the performance of their children!

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