Website development on Laravel

With the growing popularity of frameworks, that offer great opportunities for creating web applications with advanced functionality, more and more users and programmers are interested in the question of what Laravel is. This top product, developed in 2011, quickly conquered recognition throughout the world, not losing its position at present. It is a free framework that uses the PHP programming language. Moreover, it possesses an open source code. Any web studio that wants to move with the times should have this tool in the toolbox, as it unites the best developments of IT specialists over recent years.

Competent development on Laravel

will allow you to create a high level of complexity web product as quickly as possible, under terms of its proper use.

At the same time, an important plus lies in applying comparatively simple, but effective for dynamic rapidly changing sites PHP programming language.

The framework creators did not accidentally determine its use ‘for artisans’ (meaning ‘for craftsman’). This involves obtaining unlimited possibilities for the implementation of an entirely new set of ideas and expanding the frameworks imposed by the engines of the last generation, as well as the freedom of creativity.

Nowadays, Laravel is an entire ecosystem that unites numerous followers around the world.

The necessary information about the framework functioning is available and understandable. Manuals, laid out on the official resource, are translated into many languages. Its community, associated by common interests, is growing steadily.

The availability of an open source code allows Laravel’s professional followers to take part in the development of the instrument and/or its separate components, due to which the sites’ development on Laravel is becoming more simple and perfective.

Scope of application

This PHP framework is universal and suitable for a web product of any orientation:

However, making a decision on its implementation, it is worth considering several nuances. They are:

Large temporary financial costs that will be required for a project launch.

The presence of well-qualified professionals with a division into frontend and backend specialists.

Simple functionality sites development with minimal dynamics can be performed using standard CMS.

For example, the online shop with several sections and hundreds of products will work perfectly on Laravel. Still, the support costs may exceed the scheduled budget.

Laravel is suitable for truly large-scale projects, implementing non-standard solutions, ensuring continuous expansion, as well as modernisation. The framework will allow you to solve the most complex tasks quickly and effectively, run services for online interaction with the users, and speed up the response to large slow application requests. However, the sites’ development and support on Laravel will be possible as long as there is a professional IT team, which will be able to use the given prospects.

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    Framework Tools and Features

    Usage of the MVC architecture, which has proven itself as the most rational one. It parts the model, data output, and controllers, allowing you to use them separately. As a result, the errors arising in one layer do not apply to the rest, and the site on Laravel performs more stably.

    Support of Blade template, allowing to standardise and simplify application creating process.

    Migrations that ensure efficient databases management. Due to this, the structure of the bases can be easily changed, which simplifies the update and a web product deployment.

    Implementation of the mechanisms for the classes autoload in PHP. It facilitates the files’ connection, as it does not have to be done manually by using the ‘include’ function instead. It provides only desired components upload by filtering the unused ones.

    Convenient user authentication through forms or social networks, thanks to which the site on the Laravel is available for users.

    Composer dependency manager, which allows you to expand the functionality of the application easily by connecting new modules.

    Unit testing. These modules accelerate the components adequacy testing processes of the web products having a large or medium size, which, as a rule, takes a mass of time when performing such operations manually.

    Competent caching. Website development on Laravel involves working with such bases as REDIS, APC, and Memcache. The databases provide extremely quick access to the server’s operational memory, as well as the ability to cache significant data volumes.

    Benefits of developing on Laravel

    Such an extensive variety of effective tools provided by the framework cannot fail in affecting its performance and speed. As a result, IT specialists and users who decide to order a site on Laravel, receive a lot of advantages from its management:

    High security and reliable data protection;

    Permanent framework updates and an extensive library written by third-party application creators;

    The convenience of content control due to the possibility of creating a personalised admin panel;

    Flexible routing system;

    Simple and clear syntax without the use of complex structures;

    The ability to develop and upgrade the site or the online shop on Laravel in case of increased activity and the company’s development.

    The VOLL Web Studio, which uses only the latest and up-to-date IT technologies, has also not neglected this tool.

    We develop a site on Laravel from scratch and on a turn-key basis. We challenge to execute projects of any scale and level of complexity and try to find an individual approach to each customer. As a result, you get a unique, high-quality, and profitable web product.

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