Setting up targeted advertising

Targeting is a marketing technology that allows you to select the target audience from the general audience and show the advertising offer to it. In other words, Internet users are shown ads that are relevant to their search queries. Setting up targeted advertising is a service that allows you to ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.

How does targeted advertising work?

Social network users leave a huge amount of data about their hobbies, hobbies and interests on their personal pages. This information gives marketers a big advantage in personalizing their ads. The effectiveness of such advertising is explained by the fact that the user sees it at the time when he needs a particular service/product.

Target setting consists of several stages:

Analysis of the offer and the market of competitors

Drawing up a portrait of the target audience

Timeline and budget planning

Defining ad parameters

Launch and control of an advertising campaign

Advertisements come in different types and for the presentation of a particular product, the publication option is selected individually.

Announcements differ by type of publication:

  • Visually
    (image, text and photo, video)

  • Payment option
    (per view or per click)

  • Presented object
    (product, brand, event)

In order for targeting to bring the expected result, it is very important to draw up a competent promotion strategy. To determine the audience, analytics tools and special tools are used.

What types of targeting are there?

Thematic targeting is the display of advertising publications only on those sites, the content of which corresponds to the promoted product or service.

Local targeted advertising is the display of advertisements to users who are within a certain radius of the point of sale.

Episodic targeting allows you to attract customers at a specific time. This is a useful feature for nightclubs, restaurants and delivery services.

You can also run socio-demographic targeted advertising. It takes into account education, marital status and age of users.

Geo-behavioral targeting allows you to target ads to users who frequently visit certain places and institutions.

Targeted ad settings also allow you to limit the number of ad impressions per user.

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    Why targeted advertising services are convenient?

    After paying for an advertising campaign, it can be launched immediately. In social networks, you can run several different campaigns for the same product at the same time, aimed at different audiences.

    You can order targeted advertising with the possibility of changing it at any time. Built-in statistics allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategy and the effectiveness of each individual ad.

    You can find out how much targeted advertising costs for a particular product after a preliminary analysis. The final setup price is affected by the complexity and specifics of the promoted product, the characteristics of the target audience, and the desired speed of obtaining results.

    The image shows the setup and launch of targeted advertising

    In which social networks can I create and set up ads?


    Facebook is the most popular targeting ad platform today. It offers a flexible and detailed system of settings for both classic and more highly specialized filters. Separately, you can select devices for displaying publications (smartphone, tablet and PC).


    Instagram is the most successful platform for advertising that is visually designed with high quality and taste. The social network has a young audience and is more often used to increase brand awareness. For photographers, travel agencies and pastry shops, this site is ideal.


    When it comes to publishing a video, YouTube can be a good choice. The platform allows you to get even the youngest audience. Ads can be shown before other videos or on the main page. In the settings there is an option that allows you to disable the skipping of ads.

    The cost of targeted advertising can include the preparation of all necessary texts and images. We offer comprehensive turnkey customization and provide all related services. Advertisements from our agency look bright, juicy and modern.

    What does our web studio offer?

    The image shows the process of setting up targeted advertising

    You can order the setting of targeted advertising from us with the implementation in the shortest possible time. We prepare ads for a variety of business tasks and we know what approach is needed for any target audience. To promote goods and services, we conduct a deep analysis of business niches.

    Our experts are ready to offer the best platform for advertising, select suitable thematic resources, compose text and prepare images for ads. You can find out the price for setting the target if you contact us for consultation using the specified contact details.

    How much does customization cost? How to order a price calculation?

    We will be happy to calculate the cost of an advertising campaign for your product and answer all questions about the service. Our web studio is open for both one-time and ongoing cooperation to promote your brand.

    Do you need effective targeted advertising for your product? You can order the setup and launch of a campaign from us on favorable terms!

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