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What is SEO promotion

SEO website promotion – is a full range of services targeted at getting the website to the TOP of search engine results. Promotion involves several methods. This is a complex and demanding process. To avoid mistakes when promoting the website, it is better to contact a professional SEO-studio.
We offer our customers website promotion services (namely catalog and corporate websites, online store promotion, etc.) at reasonable prices.

The picture shows SEO promotion of the site in the TOP Google on any topic with different types of site

Why SEO promotion is so important for your website

  • 01

    The final goal of creating and launching any website is to generate and increase profits. This works for sales websites, official company websites, information sites and, of course, for online stores. The goal will be achieved if the site succeeds in achieving high rates of traffic and conversion. To do this, it is important to get the site to the top so it ranks in the search engine by user queries. The click-through rate for such websites is higher, therefore, there are more ways for further development and profit maximization

  • 02

    Websites ranking in the top positions are more trusted by visitors

  • 03

    The user is more likely to go over your resource, which appears in the top ranks, in order to save his time

  • 04

    The conversion of the website ranked at the TOP of search engines is much higher than the conversion of an advertising campaign

  • 05

    SEO is a highly effective marketing tool to attract visitors to the website. Unlike contextual advertising, SEO doesn’t provide an instant effect. With the right approach, the website owner will see a gradual increase in visitors to his website. We guarantee a positive dynamics to our clients (by providing monthly reports on SEO) and offer affordable prices for website promotion

Stages and basic promotion methods

Website promotion is a process consisting of several stages. Each stage involves different tools that allow you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. Before you start an active promotion, we suggest performing a website audit. Following the analysis, you will see whether your website meets the requirements of search engines. Yandex and Google have different ranking algorithms, but there are some common features that should be considered before launching an optimization project.

First month:

Second month:

Third month:


Internal website optimization

Internal optimization. This stage is realized on the basis of the results of the SEO audit. It involves removing duplicate pages, setting up an automatic generation of meta-tags, the correct execution of URLs, creating XML-site map, the introduction of micro-parsing, and more than 50 other technical aspects.

The first month includes:

Testing the website for more than 100 important parameters that affect the indexing and ranking of the website. Elimination and correction of errors in the functional elements of the website.

What is important is a detailed analysis, including a check of usability, technical aspects, marketing, and content. Already at this stage, the SEO-specialist can point out whether the project needs to be improved. It might be necessary to adapt the website for viewing from mobile devices, change the CMS or change the settings of the website management system.

Once optimized, the website has no restrictions for indexing and ranking. The website is fully compatible with the requirements of search engines.

The picture shows the SEO plan for website promotion for the first month of cooperation

SEO promotion plan for your website for 6 months

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Analyzing the niche and content development for the website


  1. Competitor analysis.It is very important not to limit attention only to the technical characteristics of the website. It is necessary to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the competitors ranking at the top of search results, to study their link profile.
  2. Formation of the semantic core. At this stage, the SEO specialist makes a list of search queries. To analyze them, we usually use Yandex Wordstat or GoogleKeywordPlanner. It is important to divide all queries by frequency and semantic groups. Using this list, the structure of the website is formed or adjusted, the meta tags Title, Description, headings of different levels are compiled. Building a semantic core is one of the most time-consuming stages, requiring a meticulous analysis of information. Unless you are confident in your abilities, the best thing to do is to contact the pros.
  3. Creating an extensive structure of the website. This stage is aimed at creating a landing page for each group of keywords. If we are talking about the formation of the structure of the online store, then for high-frequency queries it is optimal to allocate separate pages for categories, for medium-frequency – pages of filters, and for low-frequency – cards with product descriptions.


The picture shows the SEO plan for website promotion for the second month of cooperation

SEO promotion plan for your website for 6 months

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External optimization

This stage includes competent increase quality link mass, which allows you to accelerate and increase the ranking of the website or as it is called – the promotion of the website at the top of Google and Yandex. Mindless purchase of links using specialized exchangers is the riskiest step, threatening to end up under filters and lower positions in search results. This stage is one of the most important, so our highly skilled specialists will work on the natural growth of the link mass.

The picture shows the SEO plan for website promotion for the third month of cooperation

SEO promotion plan for your website for 6 months

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What does comprehensive website optimization consist of?

1-2 days – Preparation and planning

Our team is on call: we are ready to discuss SEO
methods and accounting details, as well as prompt reporting.

  1. 01 – Setting up communication in messengers;
  2. 02 – Invitation to the Project Management Program;
  3. 03 – Installation of analytics tools and webmasters;
  4. 04 – Analysis of reports on previous SEO-promotion (if any)

1 – 2 days

10 – 12 DAYS


you will get a fully optimized website
for search engines!

10-12 days (once) – Internal optimization

Eliminate bugs to improve ranking positions and increase traffic from search engines.

  1. 01 – Website Audit:
    1. 1.1. Exploring server response codes;
    2. 1.2. Search for possible duplicate content and pages;
    3. 1.3. Verifying that the page markup is correct;
    4. 1.4. Analysis of the mobile version and adaptability;
    5. 1.5. Analysis of the quantity and quality of content.
  2. 02 – Preparation of terms of reference for fixing the detected errors.

We work with the code and fix errors found on the site. You won’t need additional programmer’s services to complete required tasks.

First time – 12-20 days (then monthly) – Work with semantics

Collection and preparation of search queries that create entry points to the website for the target audience.

  1. 01 – Collecting and creating masks;
  2. 02 – Selecting queries from special services;
  3. 03 – Collection and analysis of competitors’ key queries;
  4. 04 – Clustering of all collected semantics;
  5. 05 – Prioritizing queries;
  6. 06 – Semantics distribution on pages.

12 – 20 DAYS


complete semantics and increase
the number of entry points to the website..



improving ranking and visible
growth of traffic from search results.

Monthly on a case-by-case basis – Links and text content

Increasing the visibility of the website through unique and optimized texts + links from donor sites.

  1. 01 – Search for an expert that specializes on your topic;
  2. 02 – Analysis of pages and preparation of TOR for text content creation;
  3. 03 – Preparation of texts and all meta tags according to the content plan;
  4. 04 – Analyzing links to your website and competitors’ websites;
  5. 05 – Finding the best websites for crowd marketing;
  6. 06 – Placement of links on the websites in a given quantity.

Monthly or on request – Analytics and reporting

Prompt reaction to any changes on the website, a detailed analysis of the results of the promotion strategy implementation.

  1. 01 – Traffic analysis from search by web pages and queries;
  2. 02 – Examining website rankings based on selected semantics;
  3. 03 – Examining rankings and functionality of competitors’ websites;
  4. 04 – Regular reporting on results.



regular monitoring of the quality and
effectiveness of SEO-promotion.

It’s important to know some things about SEO-promotion

In case you need to get results in the same month, then you should opt for other methods of attracting clients. For example, contextual advertising or social networks (we develop customized strategies for each client).


We’ve already achieved great results multiple times! Our SEO experts are skilled in promotion across multiple niches


It takes two to four months to see the first visible result. However, we set a fair and realistic six-month deadline for all our clients.


In case you have any questions, feel free to chat with us using any messenger you like. We value customer loyalty and always promptly solve any technical problems.


Prior to developing a promotion strategy, we carefully and thoroughly examine our clients’ websites. It may be that for your website SEO won’t produce a tangible effect. In such cases we are honest with our customers and discuss the cost-effectiveness of our work.


SEO for our clients’ websites – what are our results?

Audience growth in 2 months:

Hot Floor company

Before: 2300
Now: 5100

SEO for our clients’ websites – what are our results?

Audience growth in 6 months:

VANO IVANO Georgian restaurant chain

Before: 3600
Now: 7900

SEO for our clients’ websites – what are our results?

Audience growth in 7 months:

ZIP Service Center

Before: 750
Now: 1500

SEO for our clients’ websites – what are our results?

Audience growth in 3 months:

World of Floor and Decor company

Before: 5500
Now: 7600

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