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Google Ads Opportunities

Contextual advertising is a type of advertising focused on the needs of a particular user. Its content is semantically related to the main keyword entered in the search string. Google contextual advertising is divided into the following types:

  • Search And Contextual Ads

  • Media Advertising (GDN)

  • Remarketing

  • Youtube Ads

  • Mobile App Ads

  • Gmail Ads

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Contextual search advertising

It is shown in the search when it matches the user’s query. This is the most targeted type of advertising because it is necessary to specify which keywords will be used to display advertisements.

The image shows an example of how contextual advertising works.
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Product advertising (Merchant)

Type of advertising for online stores. Such ads consist of a product image, price, product name, and the seller’s store. Products are displayed if the user’s request matches the content of the site pages.

The image shows an example of how product advertising (Merchant) works
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Contextual media advertising (GDN)

GDN is a banner ad that appears on millions of websites around the internet. Thanks to this, you can tell a huge number of people about your proposal. There are many targeting options available to segment your audience. The company logo is placed on the advertising banners, which contributes to brand awareness, as well as all the necessary information about your offer.

The image shows an example of how contextual display advertising (GDN) works

Development and implementation of an advertising strategy

Properly configured contextual advertising increases the number of brand queries in organic search, which in turn will have a positive impact on brand awareness and website promotion. The launch of the campaign is carried out according to the plan:

  • The choice of search engine and placement system. The most common one is Google ADS.

  • Choosing the form of contextual advertising

  • Selection of key phrases.

  • Approximate calculation of the budget based on the cost per click and the number of predicted visits to the site.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Compilation of texts of advertisements in accordance with the rules of the selected system. Selection of optimal extensions for ads.

  • The correct distribution of the landing pages of the site, which users will get to when they click on ads. UTM tagging.

  • Setting up age, time and geographic targeting.


Development and approval of an advertising strategy

Setting up advertising campaigns


Control and optimization of advertising campaigns

When working with contextual advertising, a very important indicator is the depth of knowledge and professionalism of the performers. Poor-quality adjustment of advertising campaigns will lead to a drain on the budget and a lack of results. A really right decision would be to order contextual advertising for your business from professionals who know all the nuances of setting it up and are focused on results.

Some results of our work

We’ll make the most of any Google ad budget

«WESTA» company

«WESTA» has been successfully operating in the rolled metal market since 2003. Main activities: comprehensive provision of shipbuilding, machine-building and construction, food and chemical equipment manufacturers with stainless and special steels, non-ferrous metal products, pipeline parts.

Applications per month:
Conversion rate
Cost per click

«The world of floor and decor»

The company «World of Floor and Decor» specializes in the sale of floor coverings, wallpaper for walls, stucco decoration and curtains from “economy” class to “luxury”. The idea of the company is to provide the client with the widest possible range of goods and services for construction purposes.

Sales per month:
Conversion rate
Cost per click

Laser hair removal «The Girls»

«The Girls» has a history of 6 years and 4 salons in Kyiv. Each of the salons has its own special design, its own unique atmosphere, but at the same time they are united by uniform standards for the quality of services and services. This is the main feature of The Girls salon network.

Requsts per month:
Conversion rate
Cost per click

Need contextual advertising and
analysis of advertising campaigns?

We will prepare and launch advertising campaigns, starting from niche and competitor analysis, to launching and optimizing the operation of the campaigns themselves.

If you have previously launched contextual advertising, we will analyze the settings of your advertising account: requests, targeting methods and advertising effectiveness in general. We will prepare a list of errors and recommendations for improving the quality of advertising, as well as the timing and cost of work.

Service Packages


Full setting up of Google Ads to attract traffic

Target: number of clicks
AC Type: Search Network
AC Type: Media Network

Setting up campaigns
Connecting to Google Analytics
Conducting, analysis and optimization
Reporting for the selected period


Setting up Google Ads to achieve KPIs for the number of conversions

Target: number of conversions
AC Type: Search Network
AC Type: Media Network

Connecting to Google Analytics
Conducting, analysis and optimization
Reporting for the selected period


Setting up Google Ads for online stores

Target: number of conversions
AC Type: Search Network
AC Type: Media Network

Dynamic remarketing
Connecting to Google Analytics
Conducting, analysis and optimization
Reporting for the selected period


Contextual advertising expert services

  • Audit of Ads account
  • One-time setup of campaigns on KMS / Gmail / Youtube search
  • Remarketing setup
  • Setting up the AC automation
  • Connecting and configuring Google Analytics
  • Personal consultation / by phone / by telegram

Not ready to choose a package?

Find out how many new interested people will visit your site per month, with proper contextual advertising.

We will analyze the niche and offer.
We will analyze similar products / services of competitors.
We will prepare a list of target requests for your product and calculate their cost.
We will make a list of basic keywords and suggest advertisements.
We will contact you and provide a prepared file with all the information for study.
Fill out the form and we will calculate the number of potential customers who learn about your offer per month.

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    Our benefits

    Our company is a certified Google partner. We are aware of all the innovations and requirements for advertising campaigns, while constantly working to improve the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. In the shortest possible time we will launch a project that will fully meet your expectations. Experts of our studio will analyze your target audience, study the demand of potential customers and competitors’ offers, and properly set up the ad campaign.

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      More than 9 years of online marketing experience

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      Google ADS certified specialists

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      Every project involves one to three specialists

    • 04

      Attracted more than 1,100,000 users to our clients’ websites in 2020

    • 05

      Over 18,000 conversions received in 2020

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      More than 300 advertising campaigns set up

    Order a really effective advertising campaign by calling us or by filling out an application form online. Contextual advertising set up in accordance with all the requirements is an investment that quickly returns and starts generating profits.

    Why should you order contextual advertising?

    The fastest channel to attract targeted traffic

    Additional sales channel

    Rapid increase in profits

    Increase recognition of the new brand/product

    List of niches we have worked with:
    – Online store
    – Hot floors shop
    – Medical Center
    – Online pharmacy
    – Beauty saloon
    – LPG transportation
    – Stainless steel
    – High-altitude work
    – Premium Jewelry
    – Video surveillance installation
    – Restaurant
    – IT outsourcing
    – Decking and Sandwich panels
    – Event portal
    – Flooring and wallpaper shop

    Didn’t find your niche?

    We will conduct a FREE audit of your niche and main competitors.

    We will analyze your offer and USP.
    We will analyze competitors: their services and benefits.
    We will prepare for you specific figures for attracting customers in your niche.

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